The New Weed Design

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires

As the nation braces for full legalization, marijuana has branded itself into a dynamic industry for entrepreneurs. The Cannabis business is on the cusp of booming onto the scene of mainstream America. The once frowned upon and illegal use of marijuana has now found itself in a competitive market for advertising. The pot leaf and tie-dye are no longer the typical de-facto logos for marijuana. As pot evolves into more than a one herb show with multiple products. The importance of branding and design will change the way we think as a culture towards cannabis.

To capture the essence of the consumer, brand designs are essential. From the recreational user to the business professional, just like medicinal marijuana, it has multiple strains for numerous conditions. In this case the diversity of marijuana’s clientele will have an array of strains to choose from and reasons why. From workplace acceptance for creativity, to the health conscious for its nutritional value, and the   recreational user wants to enjoy the feeling of euphoria.  

 Although one businesses’ (Co.Design) present reasoning is, in order to gain trust with the consumer we must “respect the past”. The new brands design want to avoid this thought process due to stereotypes with their usual stigma. The growth and the segments of the market will be competitive for advertising, as legalization continues to grow for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Someday soon marijuana will be sold in supermarkets, dispensaries, coffee shops, malls, and by delivery services all across America. Get ready for it people marijuana is not just coming, it is already here. Just “use” it. 

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