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Legal marijuana has been around for a few years in both Colorado and Washington, with the industry as a whole totalling sales of almost $1 billion last year alone. More and more states are seeing green and either putting referendums up for vote, or legislation in place. With everyone jumping into the fray, there is one question that needs to be addressed: What’s the most popular strain?

The good people at BDS Analytics, a firm started about a year ago have done the hard work, and compiled the data with consent dispensaries all over and the answer is Blue Dream.

According to Civilized, a cannabis news related site, Blue Dream is an offspring of Blueberry indica and Haze, selling over $3 million in Washington and a staggering $6 million in Colorado.

Johnny Green at, writes about what he thinks is the reason behind Blue Dream’s dominance of the market, “So if Blue Dream isn’t the best marijuana strain out there, or even close, why does it sell at such a higher volume compared to all other marijuana strains in Colorado and Washington? I don’t think it has to do with popularity. My theory is that it has much more to do with the fact that Blue Dream is EVERYWHERE.” 

He goes on to say that while the strain itself isn’t bad, it’s not great either. Blue Dream’s presence is do to the fact that the product is strong, gives a reliable yield, and is fairly cheap. Therefore it’s stocked at more places and in higher quantities than others.

While giving more thoughts and comparing it to the weed of the northwest in the early part of the new millennium he goes on to say, “I wouldn’t kick it to the curb, but when given the chance, I would choose a different strain to consume more often than not.”

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