'26 kilo bowl' 'cannabis, how much is enough?

By Daniel Davison.

I am sure that most of us here can smoke some ganj. I mean my self by the end of the night I try to fit as much green in my bukket bowl as I can but one thing I am sensible at is never possessing more than oz. This is just so that in case the worst dose happen I would be fine. Scot Riley and his brother Kelvin were arrested after the police raided Kelvins flat and found the 26 kilos of cannabis spread around children's toys. Scot told the court it was only for personal use. Kelvin made sure the police new that his girlfriend had nothing to do with the 26 kilos of cannabis Scot had stored in Kelvins flat.She was put through investigation he kelvin shows such remorse and accepts he has put her though hell. Kelvin got a hefty 20 months and Scott received 2 years both with intent to supply 265,000 pounds worth of cannabis.

I'm sure even legal states in the US do not allow you to possess any were near that amount. I'm back to Amsterdam for my 4th time and even there you can only buy 5gs per shop. I think when there is that cannabis involved there is bound to be funding illegal activity some were down the line. I really do hope a time come were cannabis can grow naturally, start seeing it in our every day products and see it as a medical herb that can cure all.

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