Options Abound & Astound: Is the “Canna” Patch a Match For You?

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

Mary’s Medicinals in Colorado has made available a cannabis patch worn on the skin to deliver 10 mg of medicine trans-dermally (through the skin). Duration of the effectiveness of the patch can be up to 12 hours, and there are 6 options available to help meet the various needs of individuals. Options include Sativa, Indica, hybrid, CBD, CBN and THCa. CBN encourages sleep for most people and drowsiness as do Indica strains of cannabis.  The Sativa variation of the patch should be used for energizing purposes.  The hybrid version of the patch would be well suited for those living in chronic pain as it is a mix of Indica and Sativa. Mary’s Medicinals suggests wearing the patch on the ankle or near the wrist in order to allow for the best delivery of medication into the bloodstream.  Retail price at the time of the writing of the article was $18 per patch. 

My Opinion:  Patch products generally help to keep a consistent level of medication in a person’s system to avoid peaks and valleys generated by taking oral medications for instance such as a pill or a tablet of some kind. In regards to cannabis, the patch would be used as opposed to inhaling smoke or vapor to ingest beneficial cannabinoids. The price seems a little steep compared to other similar types of products available (e.g. nicotine or birth control) or even other patch medications. With future expansion in niche markets by competitors, the price will be driven down. Until then, the high cost probably prohibits most from using the patch instead of other methods despite the convenience of the consistent level of compounds received through a patient’s skin.

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