What is Already Vaped Bud (AVB) - Best Practices & Methods

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What is AVB?

Others may call it ABV weed (Already Been Vaped), but I call it AVB (Already Vaped Bud). I think it makes more sense from a sentence structure prospective. Also, ABV can also refer to Alcohol By Volume. But, hey, whom am I to judge, all terms are acceptable.


AVB is NOT the same as ASH (Already Smoked Herb), it references the cannabis that’s already been used in a vaporizer and hasn't been completely burned. A dry herb vaporizer exposes the bud to just the right amount of heat to vaporize the main cannabinoids components (THC, CBD, etc.) without burning herb, and that will be enough to get you high, but there is always leftover, and throwing it out is a waste. 

As for how to store AVB, first off, there is no expiration date, you should be good to go as long as you want. The best way to store AVB, however, is to keep it in a mason jar.

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When do you stop vaping your herb?


It’s a combination of diminished vapor, diminished taste and a color change to a deep golden brown. It will also get back to your preferred temperature setting. Make sure to give it a stir preferably every couple of hits. Toward the end of the vaping sesh, you may lose some of the flavor, and that's normal. It's up to you if you want to keep vaping, or you can save it for more potent edibles.

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If you want to avoid combustion, don't wait till your AVB weed is too dark. A deep golden brown is when you want to stop vaping, you will also want to see a consistent color all around.

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Consuming And/Or Extracting from AVB - Best Practices & Methods

Best Way to Use AVB


I lot of Vaporents end up with a lot of it, and have no idea how to use AVB. I hate waste, and if you were throwing your AVB away, you’re totally wasting some cannabinoids left in it, very low percentage, but you still wasting it. Hold on it, it’s useful. And it can get you high.

What’s good about Already Vaped Bud, the small percentage of THC left in it is already activated and decarbed due to the heat it was exposed to during heating, so it’s completely edible.

1. Smoking it


Many of my fellow stoners who use vaporizers end up smoking already vaped bud because it's the easiest way. AVB will get you high if you smoke it. The potency, however, has been reduced due to vaporization, and the smoke is harsh and unpleasant. You could take it, roll it up and smoke it, but the question is, why it was vaped in the first place? Most people switch to vaporizing their weed for health reasons and stay away from inhaling undesired and toxic components (a.k.a "combustion toxins"), which is inherently very harmful. Smoking marijuana after vaporizing it simply defies the purpose.

2. Eating your AVB


Eating your AVB by itself or with food, and I’m talking here about actually swallowing the leftover herb after vaporizing it, and NOT infused whatever left of cannabinoids into butter. Many people do it, and if you don’t mind the taste unpleasantness, nausea, sleepiness, stomachache, possible vomiting and perhaps the worst headache a person can ever have you may experience, sure, do it. Sprinkle it on a nutella or yogurt (or over frozen pizza, shred extra cheese on the top, and toss it in the oven) and eat it. Enjoy the disastrous taste, texture and the uncomfortable high, open up your mouth and slam it down.

Here is one bad experience eating AVB; Ate some AVB 2 nights ago, never again.

As for the AVB dosage; I would suggest about 0.5-1g at a time, it can get you way too high, depends on your tolerance and for how long this AVB has been vaped and on what temperature. The method, however, an be less efficient delivery if the AVB is not cooked with a fat. 

      3. Infuse It into Fat


      I personally think it's the best way to use AVB. Fatty extraction of cannabanoids is a fairly simple and common practice to render THC for cooking or for direct consumption. The result is a good amount of a very dark, olive green looking oil. You can add it to any recipe requires fat, brownies are the obvious choice. You can always experiment with it, for instance, some people like to blend the mix into coffee, hot chocolate or, my favorite, milk shake, with a food processor it masks the taste and may improves the texture of the drink. Plus liquid digests faster in the stomach than solid food, so it will hit you quicker than eating it.

      As for the AVB dosage; half a teaspoon of the solid oil can get you pretty high, again it depends on your tolerance and for how long this AVB has been vaped and on what temperature. Always START LOW! Then wait at least 45 minutes. In terms of how long does AVB take to kick in, there are too many factors involve to answer this question accurately, how long the AVB have been vaped? How dark it is? How potent? And there is no way to know other than try it. So always be cautious when you consume AVB eddibles. 


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        Here is my step by step recipe: 

        • What you need: 
          • Save up an ounce of AVB – ground using an electric coffee grinder.
          • Coconut oil
          • A crock pot
          • A glass jar with a lid
          • A strainer or cheesecloth.
        • Method:
          • Fill 2/3 of the crock pot with water
          • Put the grounded AVB in the empty glass jar
          • Pour the coconut oil into the AVB until it covers it completely. Poor a little bit more so the mix can be easier to stir. (keep in mind, your coconut oil can be solid at room temp if it was cold, if so, you can microwave it till it’s completely melted).
          • Stir it, the mix should feel sludgy.
          • Place the lid on the jar but don't tighten it up
          • Put that jar in your waterbath/crockpot and cover the crock pot with its lid.
          • Simmer for 6-12 hours (longer is better)
          • Stir the mix every hour or so.
          • Once the time is up, remove the jar, let it cool a little bit, then strain using the strainer and the cheesecloth into a fresh container. I like using my AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker, it did an incredible job of squeezing out all the oil. 


          • Straining may take some time, some people don’t bother and leave the AVB in it without straining it, you can do that, but it will taste bitter. It's up to you. I personally would strain it.
          • It will look grim at this point but don't worry, once solidified it will become bright green
          • Bam, you've got super potent, cannabis infused Coconut oil. Keep it refrigerated.

        Here is a quick and simple recipe, I call it:

        AVB Goo Balls Recipe


        • 1 cup melted AVB butter
        • 1/4 cup peanut butter
        • 4 tablespoons of maple syrup
        • 2 cups oatmeal
        • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
        • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract


        • Mix all together in a big bowl, you can use a mixer if you want for a better consistency.
        • Put the bowl in the freezer until it thickens, while in the freezer, stirring it every ten minutes or so
        • Scoop the Goo into balls
        • Eat it! 

        4. Encapsulate in Pills (Cannabis Caps)


            Encapsulate in Pills (Cannabis Caps): You can shove the AVB in a caps, but a better way to do it is mix it with oil, with some fat AVB kicks in way harder and way faster. As for the AVB dosage; 3-7 capsules may get you to 10, again it depends on your tolerance, for how long this AVB has been vaped, and on what temperature (darkness of the AVB can give you an idea of its leftover potency).

            Make sure to wait at least 20-25 minutes before taking the next capsule. The bad thing consuming AVB is that the high creeps up and may take a very long time to kick in. 

            The process pretty easy and straightforward

            Using Coconut Oil: If you want to use the coconut oil recipe we used earlier, you can.

              • Get size 0 gel-capsules, 100 pack of them would be enough.
              • Use one of those syringes to fill the caps each individually. It can be time consuming, but you will end up with nice, clear, and well packed capsules. 

            Using AVB: you can packed the AVB into a capsule shell after grinding it into powder, but for maximum potency, better to use infuse it in fat. Here is my step by step recipe: 

              • Grind up an ounce of AVB until it turns into powder, the finer the better
              • Add 4 tablespoons coconut oil and stir until the mixture becomes homogeneous paste. Add a little more coconut oil until it's the consistency of a thick paste, but not solid
              • You can either put the mixture in a a Pyrex bowl and throw  it in the oven at 165 F, or use a crock pot, but keep it on warm setting, not even low, just make sure it won't get over 165 F (you can use temperature, use an IR thermometer and make sure the temperature won't get over 165 F. Let it simmer for 2-3 hours and stir every 15 minutes
              • Take the Pyrex bowl out and let it cool down, the mix after it cools down shouldn't be completely solid, if so, add a little bit of coconut oil to the mixture and stir
              • Use a big needleless oral dosing syringe, the hole must be at least 5 - 10ml so you can suck up the AVB mixture that is almost a paste and not have it clog
              • I personally use 000 size capsules, for some people it's too big. Check this guide to determine the preferred capsule size. Stir the AVB mixture/paste, suck up a syringe full, then full each capsule up too the top and cap it
              • Make sure to stir the AVB mixture every time you refill your syringe
              • Wipe down the completed capsules with paper towel to remove excess oil
              • I would save the capsules in the freezer. To understand why freezing is important, we need to visualize the plant cells within the cannabis, they are essentially globules of liquid containing cannabinoids that we want to extract. Freezing them forces that liquid to take on a crystalline structure, piercing the plant cell walls and releasing the goodies. This even further increases the bioavailability of our final oil. The freezing process will eventually make the capsules more potent, they also feel less oily when they're frozen. 

            Dissolve in Alcohol


              Dissolve in Alcohol: using alcohol to extract THC and other cannabanoids is similar to that of fat, slightly more challenging, though, and inherently more risky (fire danger). You will, however, end up with cannabis infused alcohol (that sounds amazing and a bit frightening). Vodka is often used, but any 80-proof alcohol will work. Lower-proof alcohol can be used, but higher strength alcohol will be more efficient for dissolution. The highest-proof alcohol is recommended, but with a slight increase of fire risk.

                Here is how you make marijuana infused alcohol; 

                  • Find-ground ABV is mixed with alcohol.
                  • How heat the mix, remember alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water, caution must be used to ensure that the ethanol isn't lost, as this is bad for the process and also a fire hazard.
                  • The mixture must be kept below 79 °C / 173 °F.
                  • After dissolving for a period of time, which varies by recipe, the mixture is allowed to cool, and sometimes is allowed to soak at room temperature for hours or days before straining or filtering. The final product can be consumed plain, as a shot, or mixed into a drink.

                Stay toasty my friends! 

                Stay toasty my friends.

                Ayad Maher is a Cannabis Industry Entrepreneur, Blogger & Activist. eCommerce Specialist and Owner of a 420 Life Style Website; Monroe Blvd, an online smoke shop; 421Store, and an online CBD store; GoodyCBD.

                Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been revamped and updated as needed for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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