7 Useful Apps For Marijuana Connoisseurs

April 12, 2018

By Ayad Maher

You can find hundreds, and maybe thousands, of marijuana apps out there, most of them are low budget apps, buggy and many are useless. Those serious developers, however, are trying hard to get into the industry by providing unique user experience and helpful ideas for the industry and stoners' lifestyle, but not many of those apps pick up. Few, however, do.

I did some research and here are the top 7 of nowadays most useful marijuana apps that serve proudly the cannabis communities around the world. If you have any suggestion of other apps that you find useful, please let us know in the comment section below.

1. Leafly

The award-winning Leafly app is the most popular one, and a fantastic resource for marijuana information. Not exaggerating, but millions of stoners use Leafly’s app on daily bases.

One of the main services the app provides is to look up hundreds of cannabis strains information. The app will help you to discover the best marijuana strains, oil, concentrate and/or edibles for your lifestyle, or medical condition.

The information provided in the app is based on hundreds of thousands of stoners and marijuana enthusiasts and professionals submitted reviews, desired effects, flavors, recommended strain lists, medical treatment, and availability at nearby dispensaries.

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Speaking of which, another very important feature the app provides is locating the dispensaries and retail stores around your area. Along with useful articles about the latest marijuana lifestyle news and tips.

iOS - Android

2. HighThere!

As I'm single now, this is my favorite app nowadays. If smoking weed is an important part of your relationship, High There is the dating app you need to try. In once sentense, it's Tinder for stoners. 

Highthere! is a social network that promotes uniting marijuana users and enthusiasts with each other in a friendly and judgment-free environment. Recognized by many as a leading social network in the cannabis industry.

iOS - Android

3. GrowBuddy

If you grow, you should have a journal. At least that's what I do. I usually have waterlogged nutrient schedules and notebooks to keep track of everything I did in my cute 6 plants garden. Till I found GrowBuddy app, it replaced all this headache. All the updates and what you need to know about your grow in one place.

GrowBuddy helps growers to be more efficient and organized, which eventually maximize your yield. It will track everything you do with your beloved marijuana plant(s), from A to Z. It doesn’t only help you with planning the growing process, starting with planting the seed or clone and ending with harvesting and drying, but also guidance and reminders; watering your plant(s), check the soil, and more. Every detail can be recorded, including age, developmental stage, strain information, growing tips, and photos.

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On the downside, it’s a bit limited and sometimes sluggish, but the publisher is doing a great job updating it on regular bases. User interface is not well designed. Finally, unfortunately there is no password recovery / reset button or link, I hope they will fix it.

iOS - Android

4. Duby

Everything you share is called a Duby and is passed to users nearest you. 

It's for marijuana smokers that want to share their marijuana experiences, or maybe get together. You can upload photos or videos and even talk to other users through DM. And if you want to get to know someone a little better, you can even swipe right or left - just like how you do it on Tinder or Bumble (that's if you're familiar with the dating apps nowadays) - to learn more about them and see what they’ve been posting.

The users who receive the Duby can pass it on or put it out, but how many people it gets passed to each time depends on your Duby Influence.

The more popular your "Duby's" are the more people they are passed to next time.

Duby is a Gamified Social Network

  • Mixing a game with a traditional social network.
  • The quality of your content, not the quantity, is more important.
  • The more your content is passed, or “liked” by others users, the higher your Influence Score.
  • A player with a higher Influence Score passes Dubys to more users, making them powerful, or “Influential”.
  • Users have followers like other networks, but the Duby Influence Score is unique and will fluctuate based on quality and frequency of content published.
  • The end result is a fun way to socialize and an assurance that top users must consistently produce quality content to stay on top.

iOS - Android


5. EazeMD

Get a medical marijuana consultation through your phone. EazeMD is the leading app for online video consultations with licensed doctors, serving hundreds of thousands of patients with private and secure medical recommendations. 

iOS - Android

6. My Canary

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Endorsed by NORML. There is nothing else like this on the App Store, My Canary actually checks your mental and physical performance levels. Canary is based on decades of research and was developed by several of the world’s top human performance experts. 

Canary accurately measures performance changes due to alcohol, medication, fatigue or other causes.

- Test your memory 
- Test your reaction time 
- Test your time perception
- Test your balance 

See how your performance compares to last week, yesterday, an hour ago. 
Check the app website here.



7. WeedMaps 

Founded in 2008, Weedmaps is the largest and most comprehensive marijuana directory and discovery resource on the planet. With the most up-to-date and accurate listings throughout the US, Canada and Europe – Weedmaps helps you locate doctors, deliveries, storefronts and deals near you. With the launch of the new Weedmaps Brands experience, you can learn about brands and products, see brand photos and videos, and search for locations selling your favorite products!

iOS - Android


Stay toasty my friends.

Ayad Maher is a Cannabis Industry Entrepreneur, Blogger & Activist. eCommerce Specialist and Owner of a 420 Life Style Website; Monroe Blvd, an online smoke shop; 421Store, and an online CBD store; GoodyCBD.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in Sep. 2015 and has been revamped and updated as needed for accuracy and comprehensiveness.