Best Stoner Movies of all times - 2023

March 30, 2023

Top Stoners Movies of All Time - 2023

Have you ever asked yourself "what's the top weed-themed films to watch?" - I certainly have. Every Sunday afternoon, I wind up expending an excessive amount of time scouring Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu for the optimal stoner movie.

So as a rule of thumb, don't get high before finding an activity to do or a movie to watch!! 

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Why we call this list a "stoner movies" list

I have seen all of the movies that reference marijuana often, both positively and negatively. These movies also rely heavily on stoner stereotypes, which makes them a hit with cannabis users as they can relate to the humor. This is what makes them enjoyable to watch, even more so than other audiences.

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What is the greatest stoner movie ever?

No one will be able to answer this question for you but yourself. Some people like watching funny movies, others like horror or even twisted and trippy ones. 

Those stoner movies are great to watch whether you're high or not, better high though. Bring your bong next to you, some munchies (preferably healthy munchies, and enjoy the ride. 

With no further ado, There are our stoner movies 2023 list that you don't wanna miss. Listed chronologically from the earliest stoner movie of all times:

Reefer Madness (1936) 


Stars: Dorothy ShortKenneth CraigLillian Miles 

A staple of stoner movie lists, this attention-grabbing propagandistic film depicts the harrowing tale of Mae and Jack, distributors of marijuana, and their attempts to get teens to smoke reefer at Mae's apartment. The tragic fallout affects all involved; one man's addiction to the substance causing him to frame a teen for murder, resulting in him being committed to a mental hospital for life. In conclusion, Dr. Carroll cautions us to not follow in the same footsteps.

Check the trailer here.

Easy Rider (1969) 


Stars: Peter FondaDennis HopperJack Nicholson

Wyatt and Billy, two young "hippie" bikers, embark on a journey across America to escape the bigotry and hatred they face in their hometown. Along the way, they stumble across groups of people attempting to live alternative lifestyles, and must question the future of these drop-out communities.

They meet a rancher and his Mexican wife, struggling to make ends meet, and recognize that even their own LSD-induced escapes can lead to sour experiences. However, their destination, a small diner, still reveals the same prejudice they set out to escape. With the rednecks mocking them as "weirdo degenerates," death begins to look like the ultimate freedom.

Check the trailer here.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)


Stars: Dolly ReadCynthia MyersMarcia McBroom 

This follow-up to Valley of the Dolls (1967) chronicles an all-girl rock band's journey to Hollywood in search of stardom. However, the path to success leads them to a mire of sleaze and revelry. Written by Roger Ebert, long-time admirer of director Russ Meyer, the film features a sleeping woman playing a gun-in-mouth game, female characters in male personas, and lesbian sex scenes.

Check the trailer here. 

Cheech and Chong - Up in Smoke (1978) 


Stars: Cheech MarinTommy ChongStrother Martin

Cheech and Chong - Up in Smoke is considered one of the foremost stoner comedy movies. Coincidentally, the two meet up on a highway in California and, in search of drugs, they're mistakenly sent to Mexico. Desperate to return in time for a performance, they agree to drive a van back to the U.S., ignorant of its contents. Along the way, they pick up a couple of hitch-hikers, all while staying one step ahead of the pursueing police.

Check the trailer here.

Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980)


Stars: Cheech MarinTommy ChongEvelyn Guerrero

Cheech struggles to cope with unemployment, an irritated neighbour, and his pursuit of Donna's affections. Meanwhile, Red, Cheech's cousin, arrives to join Chong on an extraordinary escapade in Hollywood; their bag of cannabis and a Ferrari their instruments of exploration. Along the way they cross paths with Pee Wee Herman, plus some truly outrageous extraterrestrials.

Check the trailer here.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)


Stars: Sean PennJennifer Jason LeighJudge Reinhold

This movie follows a group of high schoolers in Southern California, based on the personal stories of Cameron Crowe. Stacy Hamilton and Mark Ratner are searching for romance, with aid from their older peers Linda Barrett and Mike Damone. The narrative is anchored by the free-spirited Jeff Spicoli, whose carefree attitudes continually clash with the unwavering Mr. Hand, who is suspicious of the use of drugs.

Check the trailer here.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)


Stars: Keanu ReevesAlex WinterGeorge Carlin

In the bustling town of San Dimas, just a few miles away from Los Angeles, Bill S. Preston ESQ. and Ted Theodore Logan, two nearly brain-dead teenagers, look to achieve their dream of starting a rock and roll band called the "Wyld Stallyns". But, they face an obstacle - they're in danger of failing out of high school and thus Ted being sent to military school by his father. Little do they know that they must stay together to save the future.

Fortunately, a man from the future named Rufus appears to help them pass their upcoming history report, so Bill and Ted gather the historical figures needed for the report in hopes of passing and staying together.

Check the trailer here.

Dazed and Confused (1993)


Stars: Jason LondonWiley WigginsMatthew McConaughey

On the final day of classes in 1976, a Texas high school was the site of a hazing ritual against the incoming freshman. Despite the vow of abstinence taken by members of the football team, many sought intoxication and intimacy.

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Friday (1995)


Stars: Ice CubeChris TuckerNia Long

Craig Jones (Ice Cube) has been recently dismissed from his job and is passing the day at home with his friend Smokey (Chris Tucker). Unfortunately, Smokey has a habit of consuming his own supply of marijuana rather than selling it, which has provoked his supplier, Big Worm, to demand restitution. Complicating matters even further is the looming threat of Deebo, the neighbourhood bully, along with ex-girlfriend Joi, who is prone to jealousy and rage, and Debbie, Craig's newly-discovered crush. Who knows what might transpire on a Friday spent at home?

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Half Baked (1998)


Stars: Dave ChappelleGuillermo DíazJim Breuer 

After Kenny causes an unfortunate incident resulting in the death of a police officer's diabetic horse, he is arrested with a one-million-dollar bail set. His friends must reclaim him before the notorious criminal, Nasty Nate, finds out. The team settles on selling the marijuana that Thurgood acquires from his job at a pharmaceutical laboratory. They become friends with rap-star Sir Smoke-A-Lot and rivals of dealer Samson Simpson. Additionally, Thurgood pursues Mary Jane, a dealer's daughter who opposes marijuana use. What follows is a customary pothead situation including many special appearances. Look closely.

Check the trailer here.

The Big Lebowski (1998)


Stars: Jeff BridgesJohn GoodmanJulianne Moore

When Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski is wrongfully accused of owing a debt to a millionaire of the same name, two hired thugs punish him by vandalizing his rug. Seeking reparations from the other Lebowski, The Dude reluctantly agrees to a one-time mission with generous payment. To succeed, he enlists the aid of his bowling partner, Walter, a volatile Vietnam Vet. As their quest unfolds, it becomes apparent that everyone from porn moguls to nihilists have vested interests in The Dude's mission.

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Dogma (1999)


Stars: Ben AffleckMatt DamonLinda Fiorentino

An employee of an abortion clinic, heir to a unique legacy, is tasked with impeding two angels from reentering Heaven, thus maintaining the stability of the universe. Supported by two prophets, Jay and Silent Bob, and abetted by the thirteenth Apostle, Rufus, they battle their adversaries and avert the angels' access to Heaven.

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Scary Movie (2000)


Stars: Anna FarisJon AbrahamsMarlon Wayans

A group of teenagers, led by Cindy Campbell and Bobby Prinze, encounter misfortune when they accidentally hit a man and remove his body, only to later be pursued by a masked killer with a shockingly familiar appearance. As the body count rises, Cindy desperately attempts to stave off the terror she has come to expect from the movies.

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Super Troopers (2001)


Stars: Jay ChandrasekharKevin HeffernanAndré Vippolis

Five Vermont State Troopers stationed near the Canadian border, Thorny, Mac, Rabbit, Foster and Farva, are determined to make the most of their job. Despite their reputation for pranks and syrup-loving antics, they take their roles as law enforcers seriously.

That is, until budget cuts in the town of Spurbury endanger the future of their station. Faced with stiff competition from the rival Spurbury P.D., the troopers reluctantly join forces to tackle a dead body case and an alleged drug ring. Will they be able to save their jobs and outdo the local police?

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How High (2001)


Stars: Method ManRedmanObba Babatundé

Two friends by the names of Silas and Jamal decided to try a magical substance, enabling them to ace their college entrance exams. As a result, they were accepted to Harvard where the environment was filled with the world's top students. Despite their unfamiliarity with their new lifestyle, they continued to enjoy themselves until they ran out of their supernatural smoke. Now, they must rely on each other to make it through.

Check the trailer here.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)


Stars: Jason MewesKevin SmithBen Affleck

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a story about two friends who embark on a journey to find fame and fortune. Dante and Randal receive a restraining order barring Jay and Silent Bob from selling drugs outside of the Quick Stop, thus throwing their lives into disarray. However, when their friend Brodie reveals that two characters based on them are featured in a movie, they find new purpose. After visiting Holden McNeil, the creator of Bluntman and Chronic, they set out to get the money they deserve and put an end to the slanderous stories about them online. 

Check the trailer here.

Ali G Indahouse (2002)


Stars: Sacha Baron CohenEmilio RiveraGina La Pian

Ali G inadvertently finds himself utilized by the conniving Chancellor in a scheme to overthrow the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, rather than achieving the goal of decreasing the Prime Minister's popularity, Ali is accepted by the British populace as the representation of freshness and authenticity, thus increasing the popularity of the Prime Minister and his administration.

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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)


Stars: John ChoKal PennEthan Embry

Harold Lee and Kumar Patel experience an increased appetite after seeing a television commercial. Consequently, they embark on a mission to obtain White Castle hamburgers. Along the way, they must overcome challenges such as a raccoon, a prejudiced police officer, and a lustful Neil Patrick Harris.

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Grandma's Boy (2006)


Stars: Allen CovertLinda CardelliniShirley Jones

When his roommate disburses money on companionship, Alex, a 35 year old video game tester requires alternate accommodations. Subsequent to a meeting with his friend's mother, Alex must relocate with his grandmother. To protect his image among his younger peers, Alex claims "a truly attractive woman said I could stay with her and her two wild roommates" (referring to his grandmother and her two roommates).

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Pineapple Express (2008)


Stars: Seth RogenJames FrancoGary Cole

Dale Denton, an apathetic clerk of the court, and his drug dealer Saul Silver, have one primary purpose for their meeting: to acquire Pineapple Express, a rare marijuana strain. When Dale is the only witness of a murder committed by a crooked cop and a powerful drug lord, he hastily abandons the cannabis evidence. On his return to Saul, Dale is alarmed to discover that the strain is so uncommon that it could be linked back to him. With urgent dread, they comprehend that they are not exaggerating the dangers they face: a hit squad is chasing them in a bid to take their lives. All aboard the Pineapple Express.

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Black Dynamite (2009)


Stars: Michael Jai WhiteArsenio HallTommy Davidson

This chronicle follows 1970s African-American action superstar Black Dynamite. He fought against The Man, who had slain his brother, pushed heroin into orphanages, and polluted the ghetto with inferior malt liquor. Black Dynamite courageously strove to challenge The Man from the crime-ridden downtown blocks to the privileged halls of the Honky House.

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Leaves of Grass (2009)


Stars: Edward NortonKeri RussellHenry Max Nelson

This biopic chronicles the journey of 1970s African-American action hero Black Dynamite, who bravely sought to battle The Man responsible for the death of his brother, distributing heroin in orphanages, and supplying the ghetto with subpar malt liquor. He fought for justice from the deprived streets of Downtown to the esteemed corridors of the Honky House.

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Your Highness (2011)


Stars: Danny McBrideNatalie PortmanJames Franco

Throughout the ages, stories of heroic courage have extolled the feats of courageous, handsome knights rescuing maidens, vanquishing dragons, and defeating villainy. Occurring in the background is often the hapless younger brother, simply striving to avoid the dragons, villains, and perils. As two heirs to the throne, they must rescue the crown prince's beloved before their homeland is ruined. Thadeous (McBride) has watched his superior elder brother Fabious (Franco) set out on ostentatious adventures and earn the adoration of the public. (Source: IMDB)

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Ted (2012)


Stars: Mark WahlbergMila KunisSeth MacFarlane

John works a Christmas miracle, breathing life into his sole companion, his teddy bear. Growing up side-by-side, he faces a dilemma: remain with his girlfriend or retain his friendship with the crass and wildly inappropriate Ted. (Source: IMDB)

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Mac & Devin Go to High School (2012)


Stars: Snoop DoggWiz KhalifaMike Epps

A comedic tale depicting two secondary school students, one determined to pen his graduation address and the other having been attending school for a decade and a half. (Source: IMDB)

Check the trailer here.

This Is the End (2013)


Stars: James FrancoJonah HillSeth Rogen

All Jay Baruchel anticipated in arriving in Los Angeles was an enjoyable experience with Seth Rogen, featuring a plethora of partying both alone and at James Franco's housewarming celebration. Suddenly, the Rapture hit and the Biblical Apocalypse commenced. Consequently, Jay and Seth are taking refuge in James' house, along with a handful of their other acquaintances. Together, they work to attempt to make it through the final days, but Jay finds out they are all too frivolous and shallow to succeed until they stumble on the sole escape route. (Source: IMDB)

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Ted 2 (2015)


Stars: Mark WahlbergSeth MacFarlaneAmanda Seyfried 

Months after a divorce, Ted and Tami-Lynn's marriage is threatened. In an effort to mend things, Ted and Tami-Lynn decide to have a child with John's assistance. However, the situation spirals out of control and Ted is labelled as property, losing all his civil liberties. To reclaim his rights, Ted must embark on a challenging legal battle with an inexperienced attorney. Unfortunately, Ted's erratic behavior and powerful figures wishing to benefit from his predicament compound his struggle and the odds are stacked against him. (Source: IMDB)

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Moonwalkers (2015)


Stars: Rupert GrintRon PerlmanRobert Sheehan

What if Apollo 11's mission was just a hoax? This conspiracy theory posits that Stanley Kubrick staged the iconic moon landing footage as a ruse for the US government. This bold, fast-paced comedy-action film unfolds in 1960s London, where a tough CIA agent grudgingly partners with a dodgy rock band manager to pull off the ultimate con. (Source: IMDB)

Check the trailer here.

Sausage Party (2016)


Stars: Seth RogenKristen WiigJonah Hill

Frank and Bun's journey to the great beyond turns into a wild adventure when they become stranded in Shopwell's Grocery Store. As Frank discovers the dark secrets of his existence as a sausage, he embarks on an epic quest to reveal the truth to his fellow products and revolt against their human owners. With tongue-in-cheek humour and an abundance of puns, this is one of the funniest movies on Netflix. (Source: IMDB)

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Rough Night (2017)


Stars: Scarlett JohanssonKate McKinnonZoë Kravitz 

Five college peers reunite a decade later for a wild bachelorette party in Miami. Their celebration quickly turns disastrous when they unintentionally cause the death of a stripper. As they grapple with the aftermath, the friends are drawn closer amid the chaos. (Source: IMDB)

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Grow House (2017)


Stars: Malcolm McDowellSnoop DoggDeRay Davis

The number of medical marijuana dispensaries in California and across the United States has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, earning them comparison to the likes of Starbucks and McDonald's. Legalization efforts in numerous states have made cannabis more accessible than ever before. Hastening this movement, Pat (DeRay Davis - "EMPIRE," "21 Jump Street," "GI Joe") and Darius (Lil' Duval - "Scary Movie 5," "Meet the Blacks") aspire to help the medical marijuana cause and further their own fortune by cultivating marijuana and selling their crop. Though, the only problem is utilizing their experience as consumers to become successful cultivators. (Source: IMDB)

Check the trailer here.

Going in Style (2017)


Stars: Michael CaineAlan ArkinAnn-Margret

A reimagining of Martin Brest's 1979 classic, starring George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg. When three elderly retirees find themselves struggling financially, even resorting to consuming dog food, they decide it's high time for a change. But with no experience wielding firearms, these seniors attempt the unthinkable: a bank heist. A thought-provoking portrayal of aging in America and the struggles faced by those in dire circumstances. (Source: IMDB)

Check the trailer here.  

Assassination Nation (2018)


Stars: Odessa YoungAbraSuki Waterhouse | See full cast & crew

After experiencing a data breach that revealed the secrets of Salem, a small town in the USA, four girls face a struggle for survival while trying to cope with the hack's effects. (Source: IMDB)

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Super Troopers 2 (2018)


Stars: Jay ChandrasekharKevin HeffernanSteve Lemme

When a territorial disagreement appears between the United States and Canada, the Super Troopers are assigned to setup a Highway Patrol station in the disputed region. (Source: IMDB)

Check the trailer here

Cocaine Bear (2023)

stoners movies

Stars: Keri RussellAlden EhrenreichO'Shea Jackson Jr.

This darkly humorous film finds a unique assemblage of law enforcement, criminals, tourists, and teenagers converging in a Georgia forest due to a 500-pound apex predator with a voracious appetite for cocaine having caused an uproar in search of more of the drug. The story is based on a true incident in 1985 involving a drug runner's plane crash and the bear that ate the cocaine (Source: IMDB)

Check the trailer here.