When Bill Maher Smoked a Joint on Live TV

When Bill Maher Smoked a Joint on Live TV

July 04, 2018

Los Angeles February 12th 2016, try to remember, where you were when Comedian Bill Maher smoked and passed marijuana a” joint” on Live TV. Real Time host Bill Maher is now being sued by the FCC ready for it… 1.7 million dollars.

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler “What if a kid sees the episode and thinks smoking weed is okay? “I could understand his point if alcohol and prescription drug companies were not running rampart on TV and adding their social acceptance. It would seem…hypercritical right Mr. Chairman... “One of his panel members was obviously not happy with the event and Maher put her in danger from the potentially deadly marijuana smoke.” While zero deaths have not been confirmed from cannabis usage it has been a godsend for the numerous medicinal patients.

Maher as a medical card holder in California may have violated their terms. There seems to be an issue as to him sharing his prescription with others. “Sure, maybe I should not have passed the joint, but I’m not a selfish person. Puff, puff pass is the saying in case you didn’t know.”

Maher proclaimed a pro-cannabis statement then ended his Friday night show by smoking and passing a joint. That reminds me, it is time to end my show.