Civilized Cannabis Makes Me Elevated, Not High

Civilized Cannabis Makes Me Elevated, Not High

November 10, 2017

Have you ever been in the “zone?” It’s that perfect space between serenity and panic. It’s that ideal amount of stimulation needed to conquer a challenging moment and not be overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation. Academics, writers, artists, musicians, and even Olympic athletes are finding their “zone” by smoking cannabis. It seems that cannabis is the perfect key to unlocking that space and living in the moment. Some folks consume cannabis to enhance their experience and to harness their subconscious, but others consume it to get back to neutral. Military veterans experiencing anxiety and PTSD, for example, are using cannabis to reclaim their lives.

Although alcohol still tends to be the drug-of-choice for troubled veterans, marijuana is starting shed its stigma in the ranks, and is helping veterans find their “zone.” Now, they can sleep normally, think clearly, and feel present with their friends and family.

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