6 Ways Marijuana and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

November 04, 2019

I could tell you a million and one reasons why getting into fitness is a foolproof way of becoming healthier. But what if I tell you that marijuana can make it even safer, healthier, and more enjoyable?

As an athlete, I always carry with me my go-to creams, pills, and oils for muscle relief and body soothing. However, when I first got into using marijuana before and after engaging in my usual strenuous workouts, I noticed a myriad of health benefits.

Since I live in a country where marijuana is legal, I had no issues when I buy weed online from Canada-based stores. So before you try to integrate cannabis into your fitness routine, make sure that you won’t get in trouble for it.

Now, back to using marijuana for fitness. I’ve compiled six ways that can get you excited about using marijuana in your fitness journey.

First: Enables you to sleep better


There are different kinds of marijuana strains, and the two most common ones are Indica and Sativa. Sativa strains create a more uplifting effect on the mind and body, making this strain a perfect ally to use during mornings and afternoons.

On the other hand, Indica strains are those that give consumers a heavy feeling, making them sleepy and more relaxed.Read more about why Indica makes you sleepy here.

That said, using marijuana after a rigorous workout is a perfect way to improve your slumber. So why does this benefit your fitness journey?

For one, getting enough sleep will enable your muscles to recuperate. Next is you can let your entire system rest well for the next day’s activities. Lastly, getting enough sleep contributes to more stable mental health, which will make you healthier overall.

Second: Boosts your immune system


Human bodies have an endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for a myriad of bodily functions like mood, eating, sensation, fertility, and more. Read about the endocannabinoid system here.

Within this endocannabinoid system are receptors found in our immune system. That said, cannabinoids in marijuana intercept with these receptors and help modulate the right levels so our body can function properly.

Third: Gives you more energy


Cells are aplenty in the human body, and these are vital in communicating with other parts so they can function well. Some cells contain organelles called mitochondria.

Mitochondria is the component that is responsible for energy production in these cells. Since the cannabinoids also help with cell signaling, it boosts the production of energy within the cells.

In turn, this gives you more energy, especially before, during, and after working out. Read more on cannabis and mitochondria here.

Fourth: Improves gut health


As mentioned above, the many receptors in the body aren’t only found in the immune system. They are also found in our digestive tract.

Inflammation in the digestive tract is one of the underlying reasons for some gastrointestinal disorders. Because of marijuana’s anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in reducing inflammation in the gut.

We all know that gut issues also lead to stress and anxiety. Consequently, when ingesting cannabis for gut health, you can be sure you’re not bound to experience these mental (and physical) issues anytime soon. Read why cannabinoids help the digestive tract here.

Fifth: Reduces muscle pain


Muscle pain is an athlete’s pet peeve. You can talk to any gym buff out there, and there isn’t one who hasn’t experienced soreness after lifting over a hundred pounds of weights.

Cannabis, on the other hand, relieves this muscle pain from exercising and injuries by helping the signal communication between the C2 receptors. Read more about C2 receptors here.

That being said, cannabis products like CBD oil or any CBD-infused topical creams can be an athlete’s go-to for pain relief. 

Sixth: Lessens alcohol cravings


I don’t know about you. But every time I smoke or ingest marijuana, I deviate from alcoholic beverages. This is probably because of the notion that these substances don’t mix well together. Whatever it is, lessening my alcohol cravings has definitely helped me keep my weight down. Read about the benefits of replacing alcohol with cannabis here.

About the Author 

Eliza Brooks, a frequent traveler and dietitian, loves to write about little-known facts and fun stuff about travel, health, and food. She is currently working with TheGreenAce, one of the best online dispensaries, which aims to help people Buy weed online from Canada.