The Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Vape Pen

December 19, 2019

A clean vape pen ensures that the device work at its optimal performance. Even though the ingredients of a vape juice may not stain the device, a residue will build-up, and this will ultimately affect the functioning of your preferred vape pen.

Sometimes, a vape tank or atomizer come smelling like machine oil. Although it is new, such kind of smell may not give you the taste you need. Thus, cleaning is the simplest way that may help you enjoy the best experience.

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What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a device that people use to vape cannabis. It heats the cannabis substance to produce the vapor that you inhale. Most people use vape pens to vape cannabis to get its health benefits faster. A study shows that medical marijuana can help manage pain, sickness, and vomiting because of glaucoma and chemotherapy.

Cleaning a vape pen will require you to disassemble its parts. Thus, it is crucial to know the several parts of a vape pen, which include:

  • The mouthpiece – is the compartment that comes in direct contact with the mouth. Some people refer to it as a ‘drip tip.’ Mouthpieces are customizable since they are available in different shapes.
  • The atomizer – is the place where vaporization occurs. Atomizers are usually made up of ceramic or steel.
  • The filter – is responsible for cooling the air in the vape pen as it allows for elusive airflow from the pen’s atomizer. Typically, a filter is made up of glass or ceramic.
  • The coil – is the heating part that transforms the material into vapor.
  • The tank – holds e-liquid; e-liquid vape pens have such a compartment.
  • The vape battery – provides power for the vape pen. Different units offer various voltage options to allow a person to heat the material to the desired temperature. It is prudent to know the proper voltage as it helps you maximize the effectiveness of the battery. Also, vape pens may require regular charging.
  • The power button – many of the vape pens utilize a LED-lit power button that turns the battery on/off. It controls the vape pen’s heating settings.
  • The oil cartilage – can be a box that you fill with preferred oil. E-liquid vape pens have such compartments.

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Because there are different types of vape pens, the cleaning process also differs as follows:

First: Cleaning an e-liquid vape pen

Most e-liquid vape pens come in a simple design with a tank and a battery. Its tank houses the atomizer, which will heat the e-liquid and vaporizes it.

Some e-liquid vape pens have an attachable tank, while others have a tank integrated with its battery. It may be challenging to clean an integrated e-liquid vape pen since you cannot soak it or wash it in running water. Thus, you’ll use a moist Q-tip to clean it.

Here is how to clean an attachable e-liquid vape pen:

  • Disassemble its tank and take it out from the device’s battery.
  • Detach the tank cautiously to remain with the upper and lower base, O-rings, mouthpiece, glass, and airflow control ring. Soak all these compartments in a vessel of lukewarm water. Pour a little vinegar, baking soda, or alcohol and soak it for around an hour. Gently scrub the parts with the help of a toothbrush.
  • Use a moist material to remove dirt from the pen’s battery and soak any fluid that may stay on it to avoid damaging the circuitry. Also, use Q-tip to clean the connectors between the battery and the tank. Replace the tank if you notice any remaining fluid on the vape pen’s battery.
  • Wipe the compartments using a soft towel. Leave them for some hours and assemble them. Now, your vape pen is clean.

Second: Cleaning a concentrate vape pen

A concentrate vape pen may be tricky to clean, since resin, wax, and shatter are sticky and may get in the vape pen. Therefore, expect to clean it for a longer time than other vape pens.

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Here is how to clean it:

  • Activate the vape pen and allow some time to heat up. This helps the substance inside to become runny for easier cleaning.
  • Turn it off to take out its atomizer. Soak a Q-tip in alcohol and use it to clean the inside part of the chamber. Repeat the process until the Q-tip comes out clean.
  • Using a Q-tip, slowly and gently clean the coil. Add a little amount of alcohol to accelerate this cleaning process.
  • Use a Q-tip to clean the connectors to remove any dirt or residue that would otherwise affect the connection.
  • Soak the mouthpiece in warm water to clean it or use a Q-tip.
  • Put all the compartments on a paper towel to dry out for about an hour. Assemble the parts back together.

Third: Cleaning a dry herb vaporizer

A dry herb vaporizer has no tank, but a battery. Typically, it utilizes a heating compartment where you put the dry material. Most of a dry vape pen’s compartments are sensitive. So, be careful while cleaning not to render it useless.

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Here is how to clean it:

  • Prepare the washing materials before you disassemble the pen. You will require a small basin of water to wash the mouthpiece, Q-tips, paper towels, and a brush.
  • Disassemble the vape pen and gently remove its heating compartment. Empty the heating chamber on the paper towel. Avoid emptying it in trash or bin can since you should check out for a metallic mesh that is inside. Losing it means that you have to buy another one to use the pen again.
  • Clean the chamber using a mini brush. Ensure to remove all the substances or particles that may be tight-fitting to the heating compartment. Also, use the brush to clean the mesh. Avoid rubbing alcohol or using water on the heating compartment if there is no such information in the manual.
  • Soak the mouthpiece compartment in water for some time and clean the inside using the Q-tip. At times, you can use vinegar or alcohol to help fight any microorganisms that may accumulate there.
  • Use a Q-tip to cleanse the connectors of the battery and chamber portion as they may have some residue.
  • Assemble back the compartments and with the help of moist cloth, wipe them down. As well, ensure that the battery is completely dry.


Besides increasing its lifespan, cleaning a vape pen helps you have a great taste of the substance. Therefore, it is crucial to clean a vape pen for a great experience. Remember that cleaning a vape pen depends on its type. The use of vape pens is gaining popularity each day since it’s a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes.