Health Benefits of Marijuana

Health Benefits of Marijuana

March 11, 2017

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Many people don’t realize that the consumption of marijuana has a plenty health benefits. The significant fact about this plant cannot be ignored. The marijuana impacts your body in such a way that the health benefits are widespread and long-term. Its potential healing property is completely unrealized by Western Medicine. Even though the miraculous herb is being considered illegal in most of the U.S, medical professions and political activists have begun to shade light on the health benefits of the powerful herb. Only those who have an active relationship with this therapeutic plant enjoy the health benefits.

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Seven health benefits you can get from Marijuana.

1. Employed in the Treatment of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an optical nerve disease that results in loss of vision and blindness. The disorder is treated by lowering the intraocular pressure (IOP). Cannabis is used as an alternative in the treatment of the disease for patients who experience side effects of other Glaucoma therapies. Marijuana decrees the blood pressure, therefore, lowering the IOP.

2. Cancer therapy

Marijuana contains more than 85 distinct types of cannabinoids that treat various types of cancer. Most research shows that the cannabis components help either killing cancer cells or blocking their growth. The also prevent the development of blood vessels tumors needed or the increase of cancer cells. Therefore marijuana inhibits cancer cells while protecting the healthy body cells.

3. Helps one to lose weight

Marijuana smokers have a higher metabolic rate compared to the nonsmokers leading to increased burning of calories in the body. In other words, if the Marijuana smokers eat more, they still gain less weight. The herb also boosts a better cholesterol level in the body keeping the users slim. Research also proof the Marijuana users have a lower appetite towards high calories foodstuffs that cause obesity.

4. Marijuana decreases anxiety

The use of Marijuana in small quantities can help reduce anxiety and depression. The medical marijuana helps you calm down and forget all your problems for a while. Some people find it necessary to use marijuana to improve their confidence, especially on stage. A small puff of cannabis provides unchallenged relief of panic, stress, worry and other anxiety related symptoms. Like any other drug abuse of Marijuana could lead to paranoia rather than a relaxing effect.

5. Used as an alternative migraine headache reliever.

A migraine headache is a common type vascular depression leading to abnormal sensitivity resulting in sharp pains. Desperate for quick relief, many patients have opted cannabis as an alternative treatment of a migraine headache. Smoking marijuana provides instant relief. It relieves nausea and if taken onset, can prevent a migraine. It also calms down other effects like stress and anxiety related to a migraine. In the treatment of the migraine headaches, marijuana intake by vaporizer is the fastest and safest way.

6. Marijuana keeps your lungs healthy

Most people do believe that all smoking is unhealthy for your lung. However, the statement ids incorrect. Most medical researchers prove that the adverse effects of smoking on the lung are only related to tobacco. Moderate bong smokers showed a positive result on the lung function while the marijuana lovers had an increased lung operation.

7. It helps your body to fight diabetes

In cannabis therapy, the active marijuana component, cannabinoids, contribute to calm down the immune system treating type 1 diabetes. Relaxing the immune system makes your not to attack itself decreasing the harm of the pancreas. The marijuana users have lower levels of insulin and have less resistance to the body produced insulin. This results in a healthy maintenance of blood sugar levels that hinder diabetes.

In summary, there are more health benefits that scientist is still researching on the great plant. The previous studies on unhealthy effects of marijuana are much different than the expected. Just like any other drug, marijuana can be misused or abused. However, the herb could be used as a potential and effective way of treatment of several medical conditions. Therefore, everybody deserves access to the benefits of Marijuana.


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