7 Benefits of Cannabis - Moving Towards a Better and Healthier Lifestyle

September 24, 2018

Medical marijuana has a number of health benefits which often get overlooked because of the social stigma associated with drugs. People who have used marijuana at some point in their lives claim that more than craving a high, they would smoke marijuana to deal with stress or anxiety.

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The United Nations World Drug Report, 2017 revealed some interesting figures on marijuana usage all over the world. In 2015, more than 7,000 tons of cannabis was seized - reflecting the kind of popularity that the drug enjoys. Since a large proportion of the world's population already has access to marijuana, it would be a wise decision to legalize the drug in order to simplify the process of regulation and spreading awareness. For instance, the same report revealed that with an increase in awareness, there has been a sharp fall in the number of synthetic cannabinoids seized worldwide. This fall can be attributed to the fact that more and more people have come to know about the harms of synthetic cannabinoids and how it's quite different from cannabis.

Since most people view marijuana only as a drug which has the potential to ruin the future of millions, even florida marijuana doctors have agreed if the study that has  shown that cannabis holds potential benefits and is a cure to a lot of chronic ailments.

Here's a list of lesser-known benefits that accrue out of using medical marijuana:

#1 A  Panacea

Studies conducted or still going on, agrees to the fact that cannabis is a panacea for diseases like autism,epilepsy, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS/HIV and many other serious illnesses. The discovery about the pros cannabis in the medicinal community has done wonders so far for the patients and research is still going on further incorporating it.

#2  Work It Out!!

Exercising contributes a lot towards a healthy lifestyle nowadays. Everybody is putting all of their efforts to attain that dream body and lead a healthy lifestyle, but not everybody knows that cannabis can play a major role and can act as a catalyst leading you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Though smoking cannabis is banned in most parts of the world, if you still choose to do it, smoking cannabis before your workout and after your workout has its own benefits. If you're worried about the impact of smoking on your health, there are much better alternatives in the form of vaporization and water pipes like bongs and bubblers which are less consequential for your health. Check our blog piece about How to Choose a Vaporizer - The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First Marijuana Vaporizer

Cannabis as a pre-workout alerts your minds and body and pumps it up with an enormous amount of energy. After the workout, your body becomes calorie deficit, consuming cannabis post workout will induce hunger and eating all nutritious food will provide essential nutrients to the body.

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#3 Helps in pain relief

Chronic pain can be quite bothersome as it often interferes with our day-to-day activities and makes us less productive. While traditional painkillers are quite effective, they have a number of side effects and can also be addictive. Cannabis is believed to be a suitable alternative for dealing with chronic pain which has got CBD and right amount of CBD dosage reliefs pain.

It’s commonly acknowledged that medical marijuana has a huge potential when it comes to dealing with pain, which is why Dr. Mark Ware of McGill University Health Centre has based his entire research on the relationship between medical cannabis and pain management. While his research is to factor into the Canadian government’s decision regarding the legalization of marijuana, a number of other countries have also come to realize that medical marijuana has a number of benefits which cannot be ignored.

#4 Nutritional Benefits

Smoking up cannabis has a lot of advantages, but a fewer number of people know about the beneficial aspect of eating cannabis.Yes you heard it right! There are other ways of consuming cannabis, which are not only healthier but also more beneficial. Eating cannabis seeds is one of the most popular way of consuming the drug. Check our post; Raw Cannabis Juice as a non-phsycoactive superfood.

Cannabis seeds are considered to be full of amino acids (20 of them) and protein which forms a major part of the nutrients required by the human body. It strengthens the immune system and lowers cholesterol levels as the seeds produce phytosterols. Now we have trillions of cannabis seed recipes all over the internet which fulfills all the nutritional requirement of the body. 

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#5 Can repair broken bones

In 2015, a research conducted by the Tel Aviv University found that the presence of a non-psychotropic compound in marijuana can help in healing bone fissures. The study - which was conducted on rats with bone fractures - revealed that the impact of cannabis on the healing process could be observed within eight weeks of intake as the fractured bones showed significant progress. It was found that CBD (Cannabidiol) alone was responsible for enhancing the process of healing and making the bones healthier.

#6 For lustrous skin

The cannabis-infused products, which doesn’t create any psychotic effects neither they have to do anything with the drug tests, such as the cannabis-infused lotions, balms, oils are a hit in the market right now and provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects and provides moisture to the body. The cannabis infused oil refreshes the body and calms it as well. There even are cannabis-infused moisturizers for your feet as well with lavender aroma and many other options to go for, for a soothing effect.

Cannabis seeds are also used as edibles in a lot of food items and has their own benefits. 

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#7 Reduces the impact of multiple sclerosis

A study conducted to test the effectiveness of cannabinoids in treating multiple sclerosis revealed that cannabis was more effective than placebo in treating muscle spasticity. Moreover, no major safety concerns were observed and the overall response of patients to the treatment was also positive. Along with its influence on the muscles, medical marijuana is also believed to have neuroprotective capabilities. However, since the long-term safety of cannabis continues to remain questionable, doctors are likely to suggest its use only after all other options have been exhausted. 

The first and foremost step at this point in time would be to overcome regulatory barriers that pose hurdles in the field of research on medical marijuana to realise it’s full benefits and to be able to use it.