Hemp Products are the path to an "Inward Life"

Hemp Products are the path to an "Inward Life"

December 04, 2018

Robert Jungmann is a menswear designer and producer based out of Los Angeles, California. His Jungmaven hemp t-shirt line is a creation for his love and appreciation of nature. This appreciation is known as the Inward Life, or your reflection from a mirror.

His aesthetic branding is simple and popular with the Millennials. The new generation of consumers are more in tune with where the apparel was made, and by who. These millennials want to invest in their future, and this brand gives them just that.  Aside from the quality of the t-shirt, it has an appeal for everyone. 

During the country’s fiscal collapse in the mid-2000’s Jungmann’s former apparel line (Manastash) cease production. With his keen sense of sustainably, he streamlined his clothing design and the Jungmann hemp t-shirt was created. The traditional fabrics in clothing manufacturing has a negative impact on the environment. Such as being non-energy friendly, non-biodegradable synthetics, and large amounts of greenhouse gases. His moment of recollection came when he was in college, his professor instilled the utilization of industrial hemp. Due to the United States capitalistic tenancies Jungmann had to import his hemp from Europe and China.

Hemp today is still illegal to grow in America, but with a new breed of voters and politicians, Mr. Jungmann will not have to import his hemp from overseas. I am in hope that this happens sooner rather than later. 

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