4 Tips to Help Shape The Future of Cannabis

June 11, 2018

By Anna Lytics

More states are legalizing marijuana making it easier to relax and reap the benefits but for most consumers and advocates, this has been a long and winding road that led to minor, but important, victories in the form of process, policy, and people’s mindsets.

The future of cannabis is here! What will become the “norm”? You decide!


Today, depending on where you live, you’re able to walk into a dispensary with only your ID (and possibly a medical recommendation) to buy any cannabis product that a licensed dispensary offers: edibles, flower, concentrates, equipment, accessories, and more! Or, you can conveniently have an order delivered to your home while you’re cooking dinner or preparing for a night out. If you still don’t have enough time to go through a menu and ask your budtender questions about what’s available, don’t worry! Concierge services exist for that very reason. These specialists provide custom orders based on product preferences, consumption habits, and historical purchases for the ultimate, personalized experience.

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These custom curated boxes are personalized for each customer, often subscription-based, and are best suited for those looking for high-quality, fresh product. In contrast, theme-based boxes curate items based on the experience and are purchased at a flat cost and include themes such as “starter kit”, “back pain relief”, “date night”, “festival survival pack”, and more. It’s like having your own personal Spotify playlist created just for you and the ability to follow genre-based playlists but instead of music, it’s weed!

how-to-help-shape-the-future-of-cannabisCannabis even extends into many of our everyday lifestyle activities. Do you like dining out or having drinks? World-class chefs are serving the best food with optional cannabis-infused condiments and drinks for a truly unique, and elevated, experience. Instead, or in addition to drinks, legal lounges will be common as a public gathering spot. What about exercising? Mind, body, and soul-type classes involving cannabis have been popping up everywhere. From yoga retreats to meditation classes to hiking clubs, these meetings usually offer an optional “elevation” session either before and/or after class. And if you like to travel, the marijuana travel industry is booming! From farm or manufacturing tours to cannabis-themed vacation packages to weed-friendly Airbnbs, the possibilities for cannabis are endless! And it’s not slowing down.


Cannabis is here to stay. So how can you help shape the future?

In the past few years, cannabis consumers and advocates have fought for a well-deserved victory and important milestone. We must certainly celebrate and rejoice but we shouldn’t completely stop voicing our opinion. There is still change to be made. We have the power to shape the future of cannabis: how and where we consume, who and how it’s advertised, product quality, package safety, travel policies, and more. If we don’t speak up now, someone else will make the decision for us. Here’s how you can contribute to the voice of the cannabis community:

Tip #1; Become involved in politics!

Help shape the voice of the cannabis community. Engaging in politics sounds pretty intimidating and only worthy of those that know the ins and outs of the government but we’re here to tell you how to take even the easiest steps to make this happen.

The government is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. We aim to elect officials who most closely fit our ideals and beliefs so that they can act as a unified voice for everyone they represent. Therefore, it’s not only their job to learn what we think and what we want, but they also need to act on it and make change happen. And for them to know what we think or want is by calling, writing a letter, filling out contact form, attending public meetings, and various other activities that don’t even guarantee our voices are heard.

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To “get involved in politics” usually means an overwhelming and time consuming task. Most people would never consider dedicating time to this sort of cause unless it’s touches them personally. But it shouldn’t be that way! It should be easy to share our voice as a community. That’s why CannalyticsSM, a market research and consumer insights platform for the cannabis industry, created the Voter Panel: a group of consumers and advocates that easily and quickly provide their own perspective about cannabis and politics, usually in the form of surveys, that help shape the voice of the cannabis community. Our unified voice is then shared with relevant government officials so they know what we think and what we want.

People who are invited and participate in voter panel surveys can often view their contributions in the CannalyticsSM Voter Panel Report that summarizes the group’s collective views and beliefs about cannabis. The CannalyticsSM Voter Panel provides people like us, the platform to share our voice about local and national issues while debunking stigmas and societal norms about “stoners”. It’s also a great resource for politicians to connect with their communities and continue being “for the people.” If you want to make the first step and get involved, be sure to sign up for future voter panels so that you have the opportunity to share your views about upcoming cannabis and political topics.

Tip #2; Show Support to Dispensaries. Provide Feedback and Improve Your Own Local Experience.

This may be the easiest (and most fun) way to make a difference. If your state has already made the right choice or if you are traveling to nearby retail locations, visit dispensaries, show your support, and provide honest feedback that’s a dire need for their continued success. The cannabis industry is at such an early point in the process where the only constant is change. Decisions continue to be determined and processes improved. Even better, things are changing to make sure that you, the consumer, have access to exactly what you want.

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Dispensaries rely heavily on the opinion of the consumer. Not only to improve the customer experience to continue retaining you as a loyal customer but to attract new, similar like-minded customers just like you. In the past, dispensaries relied on fragmented, if at all, data collection about a customer, their consumption habits, product preferences, and more. Furthermore, the only insight they did have were from customer reviews that were often half-hearted reviews to get the “free gift” the shop owner or budtender offered. Without data and insight, the “customer” is one big, general target. So instead of serving the same “stoner” customer, dispensaries are beginning to look at their customers for direction. The only way for dispensaries to know what they’re doing right and where they can improve is for you, the customer, to let them know.

This is where CannalyticsSM consumer panels makes an impact — dispensaries come to CannalyticsSM to find out exactly what consumers are looking for, since after all, the customer’s opinion is the heart of their business. All of the information provided by panel members is completely anonymous and always presented as a group overview. The data helps businesses identify how they’re keeping current customers, why they’re losing other customers, what they can do to attract more like-minded customers, etc. It’s easy and quick to share as much or as little as you want with dispensaries. You can sign up to take part in the consumer panels and know that your opinion is valuable and used for business strategy.

Tip #3; Share Your Ideas About Products. Help Build Products You Want to Buy

What do cannabis consumers care about and what do they want when buying a cannabis-related product? Do they care about safety? Packaging? Weight? Size? How much do they care about price? Features? Color? Design?

Before businesses sink tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars building a product they think customers want, they often engage with a consumer panel to test out these ideas, either before product conception, or during the iterative phases of product development. Consumers who participate in the R&D (research and development) activities are in an unique position to truly have an impact on the business and consumer experience. Lucky for businesses, CannalyticsSM takes care of all of the hard work of gathering consumer data for them. You can do you part by signing up for a consumer panel, and participate in product development activities like surveys, and, depending on the development phase, could be invited to test actual products to share what works and what doesn’t before releasing to the public. Similar to a movie screening but for weed!

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Tip #4; Start with Joining a Consumer Panel

A consumer panel, like CannalyticsSM, is a one-stop resource that allows cannabis consumers to easily voice their opinion by participating in activities, like surveys, to help amplify the voice of the community about local and national laws, policies, regulations, product manufacturing, packaging, consumption and dispensary experiences, and more.

The future of the marijuana industry lies with those who are active participants. You have the power to create the future you to see. Join the Cannalytics consumer panel!