How to Make Marijuana Infused Wine

January 30, 2018


Cannabis has been used for religious purposes for many centuries dating back all the way to 28th century B.C. China. Traditionally, throughout history, marijuana infused wine has been used primarily in religious rites, and there is even evidence it was used in surgical settings. A Classical Studies professor from Boston University (Carl Ruck) developed a term called ‘entheogen’ when referring to psychoactive substances used as part of religious sacraments, which would be applicable when discussing cannabis infused wine as part of a ceremony. The wine being pioneered in California, of all places for a wine to be introduced, does not have the religious overtones of old.

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Where To Find It?

marijuana-infused-wine-cannabisCanna-Wine project founded in 2010 experimenting with cannabis possibilities connected to wine, and experiencing with fermentation, flavor and aroma.

Marijuana infused wine is available in certain regions in America, and there is a lot of room for growth available in the current market as the cannabis industry is in such an enormous and explosive period of growth.

Melissa Etheridge teamed up with Lisa Molyneux from Greenway California’s first dispensary that was supported by both the city and state of California – circa. 2005) to create a line of marijuana infused wine labeled “No Label”. Greenway produces many different versions of cannabis infused wines/tinctures, and normally has 12 variations on hand. Reportedly the cannabis infused wine is similar to other types of herb infused wines giving the wine a higher degree of complexity. Different strains of cannabis pair better with different wine varietals, and the products/tinctures are produced accordingly.

While there are not many places in the United States yet where this type of product is available, cannabis infused wine is expected to become available on a more widespread basis as the general view toward cannabis by the public continues to shift into a more positive light. 

The Process Is Time Consuming, Expensive, and Lengthy

Cannabis infused wine is presently selling for $16 to $20 per ounce with a 6 oz. minimum through Greenway (a price may range anywhere from $120 to $400 for just a half of a bottle) The process Molyneux uses is cold pressing which results in a slower extraction of THC into solution than production via a hot process would allow. Basically cannabis is added during fermentation, sugars are converted to alcohol, and alcohol extracts THC. 

Cannabis Infused Wines Should Be Approached with Caution by the Novice

Just like with using any new "substance" that makes you feel different than normal, you need to pace yourself. Seek out trusted vendors and ask them about the proper amount to consume, also the type of high you will get out of it, type of strain used, level of THC and CBD, etc.

Of course, weed wine should not be consumed by pregnant women, patients with heart disease and/or those with mental illness that may deteriorate their symptoms. Also, it goes without saying, driving after consuming weed wine is also a terrible and irresponsible idea and illegal.

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How to Make Weed Wine

Here’s a quick guide:

1. First off, buy a Wine Making Starter Kit, available online or in home brew shops.

2. Drop 1 lb of cannabis into a cask of fermenting wine. The fermentation process converts the sugar in the grapes into alcohol, and the alcohol extracts THC from the cannabis.

3. Wait a minimum of 9 months before bottling.

Also you can check Viceland short video about how to make marijuana infused wine:


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated as needed for accuracy and comprehensiveness.  

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