Is Growing Pot Plants Causing You OCD

Is Growing Pot Plants Causing You OCD?

October 12, 2019

Fellow cannabis cultivators if you spend a lot of time tending to the needs of your plant, the chances are that you may be one step closer to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Or it is quite possible that you are already dealing with this problem. So first ask yourself certain questions. Are you spending too much time with your plants? Yes, I understand that cannabis cultivation is not a child’s play.

It requires hard labor and months of patience to finally obtain a healthy yield. But on a serious note, examine your behavior around the plant and if you would do anything to be around it. You are definitely suffering from OCD. 

What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

But what is OCD? Basically, OCD is a disorder in which an individual constantly repeats certain tasks. Mostly it is always related to cleaning but there are other things too that fit in the bucket list of OCD.

Like aggressive nature for oneself and for others, organizing different objects in order, fear of germs and bacteria, etc. Likewise, if you find yourself constantly repeating certain activities without purpose you may have OCD. 

Additionally, the real reason behind OCD still lurks in the shadows. Though it can be easily associated with anxiety and depression. Because an OCD patient will always experience anxiety and negative thoughts to completely re-do a certain task.

For example, if I was an OCD patient and I had an obsession with organizing things. My mind will constantly run towards keeping things in an orderly manner. To a point where I will regularly touch the things for psychological satisfaction. In simple words, this is how a patient with OCD will behave. 

Now, this can be the case with a marijuana cultivator too. Checking and rechecking the light, monitoring the growth, again and again, cleaning the space around the cannabis plant, etc.

All these activities are indicative of the fact that you may be suffering from a compulsive disorder. Now, what can be the reasons behind compulsive reactions? There are many in my opinion because after all cannabis cultivation needs maximum care and attention.

So what are they? Let’s delve deep into this subject and look at the symptoms.

What is igniting your OCD for cannabis cultivation?

Although we all know by now that it is difficult to find a specific medical reason behind OCD. Yet it is necessary for you to recognize some of the symptoms to help you keep a check on irrational behavior. Instead one day I was sitting with a psychologist friend of mine.

He happens to be one of the renowned psychiatrists. As soon as I started talking to him about the signs of OCD and does it grow over a certain period of time. He immediately retorted with one simple reply. He gave an example of his own patient. The name of the patient was Mary.

Her compulsive behavior was to clean things constantly. But over time, the disease overpowered her mind and she started visualizing things that did not even exist. Like germs on the body of an individual who comes from the outside. 

So you can very well imagine the impact this mental health problem can have on your health. To be precise after that incident I could only come to one conclusion. If OCD remains untreated or unchecked for years, it will lead to acute mental health problems.

This is where comes the role of this write-up. If you think you are constantly bothered about your cannabis plant. Here’s how you can figure out the problem. 

Cannabis cultivation is the only source of your income

This is one of the most valid reasons to have OCD because you will worry about your plant and make efforts to be around the plant as much as you can. Especially when legalization led to a drop in the price of cannabis.

The growers have started increasing the quantity of the grow. In turn, a large grow means that you have to take maximum care of the plant. Not only this but in order to earn maximum profits, you will push your plant toward maximum perfection.

In turn, you will be obsessed with the idea and dream about all the ways you can better your plant. 

Your grow meets your medical requirements

Considering the fact that some canna-growers get into the cultivating business only to meet their recreational and medical needs. It is quite possible that you may get addicted and passionate about canna-cultivation.

As long as your passion is not hindering your mental health it is completely fine. But as soon as you start worrying excessively about the plant, it is time to step back, ponder and leave the grow to its own device.

In fact, you can grow strains that need minimal attention and are very easy to grow. 

Your devotion knows no limits

It is good to dedicate yourself towards your passion. But imagine if your devotion turns into jealousy and you want to prove your self-worth through the grow. Now if you are one of those people you definitely need to relax.

Because an excess of everything is bad for health and if you are dealing with your plant on a regular basis it is quite natural to get attached. So show your devotion in a positive way by leaving the plant alone. If you wish to get a good yield just make sure you have factors like the temperature, humidity, airflow, and the light in control.

If you successfully manage all the factors you are sure to have a good yield. 

I hope you are aware of the fact that a medical marijuana card can help you get all the strains you need. But if you are still keen on growing your own canna-crop, make sure you keep all the behavioral aspects in mind.

It is easy to be obsessed with certain things and yes cannabis cultivation is addictive. You will be fond of the plant you are so lovingly growing in the backyard, in the greenhouse, or the basement of your house.

But go out on a date, play a game that you like, concentrate on the things that you like, of course, beside canna-cultivation. I am sure this way you will create a balance and OCD will be nothing but a disease that you read about on the internet.