Las Vegas: The New Amsterdam Of The Future

April 25, 2018

Las Vegas: The New Amsterdam Of The Future

The up's, down's, in's, and out's of Cannabis in Las Vegas. 

By Austin Wadkins

Cannabis Laws in Nevada

Marijuana is medically and recreationally legal for any adult 21 years of age or older, with proof of a Valid Government, State Issued ID or Driver's License; or proof of passport works as well. Medically legal- yes, recreationally legal- yes, federally legal- no...a BIG no. A patient is allowed to purchase of up to an Ounce (28 Grams) of Flower, up to an 1/8th of a Gram of Concentrate, or if it's mixed product, than the patient cannot exceed the MG dose of up to 3,500MG of THC.

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As far as transporting marijuana, it is legal to transport up to an Ounce of Flower or 1/8 of a Gram of Concentrate, but "legally" cannot be transported across State Lines. Even if BOTH states are recreationally legal, transporting state to state is highly discouraged...because it's illegal lol.

Best Places to Smoke/Not Smoke in Las Vegas

Unfortunately, it's a "Catch 22", because Yes it's completely 100% Legal to buy cannabis recreationally, BUT it is still illegal to consume cannabis out in the public.

With that said, if you aren't fortunate enough to have the privacy of your own room, or if your worried about getting charged for some type of smoking fee, your best bet would to call up that one blaze-friendly friend, that is your LV Local connection and hookup. There's always ONE of us, and if you don't have a personal local friend, the people of the City of Las Vegas are very multi-cultural, very sociable and outgoing, easygoing...and for the most part, everybody is friendly and always willing to help out a tourist if possible.

I was personally born n' raised here in Las Vegas myself; so I've been able to watch the incredible growth, of not only just the City of Las Vegas and The Strip, but the astounding rapidly growth of the Cannabis Industry as well! I remember when I was vaping using a Box Mod (E-cig box mod vape) and I was thinking to myself, "Man I just really wish one day they would make something like this but with THC in it!"...and sure enough, here we are!

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It has been pretty exciting being able to not only SEE the growth of the industry, but even more importantly, the ability and opportunity to be APART OF the industry as an Article Editor/Blogger and also, a Bud Tender at a local dispensary here in Vegas. So I have pretty much...seen. it. ALL.

Here is what to do..

Being from here and seeing it all, knowing the can do's and don't: my advice- just use common sense, smoke like you always have but at the same time use with caution, and most definitely DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, go up to a police officer smoking a joint and say "eyyyy man, it's legal now! ahh haa haa haa" because you will get not only your good's tossed and disposed of, but also will end up with around a 500$ fine...just for being THAT GUY!

Yes it is legal recreationally in Nevada, and it has also been "de-criminalized", meaning you can't get arrested for consuming in public, just either your stuff confiscated and/or a ticket. I guess my bottom line of advice, is...just don't be ignorant, use your head...even if it's a little high.

A couple of easy ways to know or remember if an establishment is smoke friendly or not, other than asking, is to just think, for the most part anywhere that alcohol is pushed and served, that is where cannabis would be FORBIDDEN for smoking THC/Cannabis, ie; the Airport, Casino's, The Strip aka Las Vegas Blvd., sidewalks (unless your discreet).


It definitely is very frustrating being able to legally purchase marijuana, 'spend that good amount of tax that Uncle Sam has to get his cut', but yet- there is no place to smoke it legally. It is legal to smoke/consumer cannabis in the privacy of your own place. Sympathizing with us weed-smokers, Las Vegas County Commissioner Steve Sisolak made a comment in September of 2017, "They're purchasing products that they can't even use anywhere and we most definitely have got to address this situation!"