High Minded Souls: Essays on the new world of legal cannabis for health and wellness

January 21, 2020

High Minded Souls

essays on the new world of legal cannabis for health and wellness

by Susan Boskey

With more than half of the U.S. having legalized medical marijuana, there is a lot that curious Americans need to know. High Minded Souls presents a balanced view of legal cannabis while unraveling some of the more obscured, but important, aspects of cannabis for health and wellness in this new world of legal availability.

Written as 27 bite-size essays, High Minded Souls is a content-rich ebook and a must-have for anyone considering using cannabis to boost their well-being. Essays cover the waterfront in no particular sequence, and include topics on:  the differences between adult use (recreational) and medicinal use, the growing demographic of seniors seeking help from cannabis, legality issues, cannabis vs. alcohol, lifestyle choices, non-cannabis enhancements, and the multiple benefits to mind, body and soul. Several of the essays explore the issues, reasons and remedies for the current epidemic of mood disorders.

CBD Opens a Door to the Cannabis Conversation

It's certainly a bright new day for health and wellness as cannabidiol, CBD,  makes a huge splash in the U.S. marketplace. CBD has gained well-deserved fame for helping people to resolve many different health concerns from arthritis to skin issues to stress, allowing some to even ease off of their pharmaceutical drugs. The dark side is that marketing hype entered the scene and twisted the fact of CBD's non-psychoactivity to their favor by creating the myth of: 'CBD-good and THC-bad'.

Due to viral marketing over the past couple of years, CBD purchasers often purchase blindly; they have no idea about what they need to know in order to purchase a safe, quality product. Some don't realize that CBD is a cannabis product, albeit from non-psychoactive sub-specie, hemp. Nor have they been told that hemp is a bioaccumulator of radiation, pesticides and heavy metals used to remediate toxic soil. As a result, if a hemp product has not been 3rd-party tested and certified to be clear of such toxins, they may have passed into the final CBD product.

Debunking Cultural Myths and Stigmas

High Minded Souls digs deep into cannabis facts and myths, such as these, in order to both set the record straight, and empower readers with the information they need to truly enhance their well-being by making informed choices.

The not-so veiled prejudice against THC, of 'CBD-good and THC-bad', serves only to perpetuate the over 80 year-old stigma sealed by the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, and which could not be farther from the truth. Readers of High Minded Souls learn when and how this stigma, and the cannabis prohibition that followed, came into existence. Virtually everything that was said to scare Americans has been scientifically disproven. Decades later, in hindsight, we learn about the big-money industries in the background that were driving the lies and propaganda for their own self-interest.

Nonetheless, a rock-solid case for the continued and complete removal of the cannabis stigma from the collective public mind, remains. Use of the whole cannabis plant is proven, valid medicine per its historical benefits reported through the ages. Peer-reviewed abstracts, such as in PubMed, acknowledge its modern-day medicinal value.

More Light of Day on Cannabis Science and Evidence-Based Benefits

Yet the truth about the cannabis plant is still far from common knowledge despite the discovery in 1992 of a new physiological system, the endocannabinoid system, (ECS). The excitement regarding the ECS and cannabis is how cannabis molecules precisely mimic and are interchangeable with the internal human molecules binding to the ECS receptor framework.

The discovery of the ECS has become the scientific, unequivocal, game-changing evidence of cannabis' value to mammals; it answers the oft-asked, skeptical question of why cannabis helps so many health conditions. High Minded Souls  breaks down, in easy-to-understand language, how the ECS establishes and maintains homeostasis (balance of health) for not only itself, but for most of the body's other physiological systems.

Whole plant medicine is spoken of also as providing an "entourage effect": a health benefit received from the synergistic effect (greater than the sum of its parts) of the interaction of all of the compounds contained in the cannabis plant. For example: CBD is found in both marijuana and hemp. CBD from the marijuana side of the plant is often preferred to that from hemp due to its sticky resins growing on the flowers, proven to provide additional medicinal benefit.

We each have more power over our well-being than we've been led to believe. Cannabis was put on this earth for the benefit of all. As more and more people educate themselves about cannabis facts and uses humans and animals will continue to receive its gifts of well-being for body, mind and soul.  

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About the Author

Susan Boskey is a Certified Cannabis Educator and Practitioner. She is a graduate of the Holistic Cannabis Academy and has over 45 years of personal and professional involvement with wellness modalities.

Her mission today is to intervene in the noise of modern life to help people transform stress, anxiety and depression into a welcomed, felt-sense of well-being. Visit her website:   Her online course, The CannaWisdom Process™, offers step-by-step self-care instructions about how to safely use medicinal cannabis to recover from mood disorders and gain a new perspective on life without the use of pharmaceuticals.

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