Cardio Buzz: Marijuana Benefits for your Heart

September 08, 2019

Derived from the cannabis sativa plant, marijuana smoke consists of components such as carcinogens, irritants and other toxins found in cigarette smoke. But then studies have confirmed that marijuana users don't smoke at the same rate as those of cigarette smokers, leading to lesser cardiac attack eventually.

To the smokers' surprise, marijuana has been found to have several benefits for people with Cardiac arrest history. Although the use of same is yet not recommended by the experts, the researchers have found that people who used marijuana are less likely to experience the complication called 'Atrial fibrillation', "A-fib" in which the heartbeat of the patient becomes irregular, creating conditions for heart failure.

In the study led by author Dr. Oluwole Adegbala, New Jersey ’s medical resident at Englewood Hospital and Medical Centre, heart failure patients who were or have used marijuana are more improbable to death in the hospital in comparison to those who didn't use it.       

The recommendation in favor of the Cannabis?

It has been suggested that recommending marijuana for heart failure patients is yet not confirmed as more intensive studies should conduct to confirm the results. Analyzed on the database of around 6 million patients, the study finds out that non-dependent marijuana users and the dependent marijuana users are less likely to die in hospital or experience 'A-fib' risk, as compared to those who didn't use marijuana. 

Marijuana and inflammatory relief

Cannabidiol, a compound in marijuana helps reduce inflammation in the body which is also a risk factor for 'A-fib'. By the activation of cannabinoid receptors in the body (activated by compounds in marijuana) high blood pressure and atherosclerosis can reduce.

Marijuana - A blessing for diabetics to an extent

It has been found that marijuana usage leads to less diabetes, lower blood sugar and a higher level of good HDL cholesterol in the blood. Thereby some countries have legalized marijuana as a recreational smoking pot. Recreational marijuana offers lightheadedness, relaxed feeling, reduced blood pressure and increase in appetite.

 Legalized status of marijuana

After Uruguay, Canada is a second nation in the world that legally allows consumption of recreational marijuana. Here, trendy portable vaporizers are also available, besides strains, which are the devices that use either conductor or convective heat to gently activate the enticing ingredients of the marijuana on-the-go. These vapes are specially designed for medical marijuana patients. The battery life of the portable arsenal vape Canada is very impressive and dependable.

Usage of marijuana as a medication

Medical marijuana is helpful to treat chronic pain, nausea, sleep disorder, muscle spasms in some people, providing for a base for a limited number of approved medications. Cannabis in the US is legalized but it is yet not legal in all the states.

 Medical marijuana’s overall impact

Medical marijuana patients smoke Indica buds usually late in the evening or at night just before going to bed as it is a very effective pain reliever for the overall body and at times useful for treating insomnia for many people. It helps to reduce and reliefs body pain, muscle spasms, seizures, headaches, migraines, stress, and anxiety.       

Sativa dominant marijuana promotes the user's creativity and energy, sparking new ideas and creativity.  So, many artists take advantage of this component to create artistic masterpieces in paintings or musical compositions. The drug’s usage brings in a relaxed feeling with an uplifted mind and mood. Marijuana stimulates the cerebral thoughts and the body feels energetic. It helps fight depression, increases focus, imagination, and creativity.   

How and where to buy medical marijuana online?

There are countless dispensary available on the internet today like online dispensary Canada from where all the different kinds of cannabis types can be availed in numerous flavor for high-lighting the pleasure. The vape cartridges are also available online for the user's delight and convenience.         


Although marijuana vaporizing is ought to be a risk-free alternative to smoking, the risks accompanied with the use of marijuana are no less hazardous for heart health either way. Smoking marijuana is comparatively safer than vaping, as the latter has a higher intoxicating effect. Feel the impact of smoking within a few minutes and it might last up to 2 to 4 hours. Ingesting marijuana in food or beverages makes a slower and long-lasting impact. Vape pens instantly make the user feel high owing to head rush and ultimately lightheaded in a few seconds.

Marijuana consumption temporarily increases heart rate for hours, leads to higher blood pressure and eventually increases the risk for heart events. It can also impair cognitive and motor skills like driving, for a short period of time. Marijuana smoking leads to an increase in long-term death rate among heart attack survivors.

Many articles have suggested that marijuana usage have cardiovascular benefits, controls blood sugar levels, improves cholesterol level and profile in the blood, besides reducing blood pressure but the evidence and literature still remain insufficient to support this. The major drawback of the studies, suggesting marijuana usage is beneficial, is that these didn't evaluate the current and lifetime usage pattern of the intake. Neither the information on the intake route of cannabis (read here marijuana) nor is the chemical constitution of the cannabis is actually examined to reach the final conclusion. 

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