What is marijuana Shake?

September 04, 2018

What is shake weed? When people think of the Marijuana "Shake," and can you smoke shake? Everyone will have different opinion about whether it's worth paying for or not. In result of this degree of variance, members of the marijuana industry were asked to define the difference between shake and bud, and whether worth buying, or not. 

At end of this post, you will have a solid understanding of what Marijuana Shake is and if it's something you would like to invest in. Shake has its positives and negatives but those positives and negatives vary accordingly to the individual's smoking preference.


First! Three things you need to know about marijuana shake:

  • Marijuana shake is NOT keif, it actually don't have much keif in it. 
  • It can be great and it can totally get you higher
  • It can be harsh on the throat

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What is Shake?


Does shake get you high? Yes! It certainly doesn't.

Back in the day, your pot hook up/dealer have this extra bag on the side that can sell it for really cheap, maybe a whole ounce of shake for 25 bucks. Marijuana shake is the industry's term for the marijuana crumbs that fall off the bud freely to the bottom of the bag or stash container. It's the small chunks of weed that settle in the bottom of your bud jar when breaking them up and/or the leftover from handling buds. Though "shake" isn't as appealing to the eye as the actual bud, sometimes it can be more flavorful due to the multiple very different strains one stash may contain.

With that said, "Shake" can be highly potent or sometimes loaded with kief (usually when it's the leftovers on the bottom of your bag of weed). With a little expertise, you may able to tell from the look of it; freshness, dryness, etc. Don't expect a high quality shake though if you were getting it from a dispensary. Budtenders know their weed and they won't sell a "high quality" shake for cheap, they actually may keep it for themselves. I would.

Some strains of marijuana produce more shake than others, it depends on the makeup of the bud itself and its density. For instance, buds that tend to be dense, firm and look compacted will produce little to no shake (unless you break it down yourself). On the other hand, light budded marijuana strains with lots of leaves and less tight flowers tend to be less dense and may produce a lot of shake.

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Where to Find Shake?


What's the ounce of shake price? Shake can be bought at dispensaries for relatively lower prices (sometimes half the price, maybe even less), perfect for you if you were on a budget but need to get your toke going. Whether or not Marijuana Shake is right for your depends on how you intend to utilize it. As well as, how meticulous you are about your smoking experience and the type of weed you want to smoke. Check our Guide to Choose The Perfect Marijuana Strain for Your Lifestyle.

Quality and the type of "high" are, unfortunately, not guaranteed in Marijuana Shake like they are in buds where you buy from a dispensary (or your dealer). Since the makeup of comes from a variety of flowers, and it usually consists a mix of small pieces of nugs, leaves, seeds and/or sometimes stems. Also, budtenders tend to show off their skills and sell the voluptuous and mature nugs first, and then leave the small ugly ones to the end, which sometimes can be at a discounted price.

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Is marijuana shake the right ganja for you? shake vs bud.


There are sometimes not-so-ideal times to smoke shake. For instance, I do not recommend getting shake as your prominent smoking blend. Especially, if you are seeking healing properties for an upset stomach or a headache.

Let me elaborate. When I buy my weed, I'm usually pretty focused on the level of THC and CBD each strain has. (more about THC and CBD, and the Entourage Effect) I've noticed that Shake can be problematic for people who need or desire a specific type of strain for medical or recreational reasons. If you are one of those individuals, the cannabis bud is where you will find highest quality healing smoke most consistently, unless you know the type of strain(s) in the shake with a degree of trust and accuracy, it doesn't hurt to try it out.

If you are the type of person who just wants to get high on a budget, who doesn't mind a "hybrid smoking experience", marijuana shake gives you the chance to enjoy an array of blends, flavors, and sensations from different strains. Which can be quite an experience depending on which strains were blended together, of course.

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What to Do with Shake? Is shake weed good to smoke?


  1. Best way to smoke shake rolling it in a joint. I personally prefer joints or blunts over any other smoking apparatus, and on certain occasions, shake can be a perfect choice for rolling a joint or a blunt since it, the shake, burns evenly, slowly, and consistently. Especially if you roll your joint the "right" way.

  2. Making edibles is another great application for Marijuana Shake. I used it several times to make marijuana butter. Recently, I experimented with shake to make Cannabis infused Almond Butter for gluten free weed brownies recipe. This method calls for a little bit more commitment and attention but it is absolutely worth it. Once you make your first batch you will feel like a hybrid of Tommy Chong and Betty Crocker, my friends.

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 Weed Shake vs Trim


As we talked about difference between shake and bud, there is another terminology in the marijuana industry that you need to be aware of; the 'trim'.

While shake is the leftovers as we explained earlier in the post, trim is the discarded part of the cannabis plant that cut away from the bud before curing.

Now, the few bucks question, does trim get you high? Trim is often has a lot less potency than the flower and I don't recommend smoking it. However, if it was offered, free or very cheap, take it. It can still be used to make cannabutter and edibles. But, of course, extra potency never hurts.

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There are different qualities of "shakes". Some may come from a "premium harvest shake", which means it's from the same flower, so at least you'd know the strain type. The kind that is most prominent is the type with various strains and crumb-like flower particles in it which can vary on potency and physical effects. If you are tempted to purchase marijuana shake from a dispensary, it's never a bad idea to ask about the shake you are spending money on, such as; where it came from, what kind of strain(s), does it have stems in it or not, etc.  

Honestly, friends, Marijuana is delicious in all shapes and forms, the right type is the battle. But nothing you cannot handle. If you are looking for a specific type relief then, as before mentioned, stick to what you know, no need to take short cuts on your health. And when you are at a dispensary, take your time to know what they have, be picky, ask your bartenders as many questions as you want; it's their job to answer. 

Have you tried marijuana shake? What do you think about it? Let us know your experience in the comment section below. 

Stay toasty my friends.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been revamped and updated as needed for accuracy and comprehensiveness.