Marijuana Shake - Is It Just Cheap Weed? and How Good or Bad Is It?

Marijuana Shake - Is It Just Cheap Weed? and How Good or Bad Is It?

July 12, 2017 2 Comments

Marijuana Shake

Is It Just Cheap Weed? And How Good or Bad Is It?

By Ayad

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When people think of the Marijuana "Shake", everyone will have slightly different perspective about what it means. Because of this degree of variance, industry trade members were asked how to define Marijuana Shake, and how to know when it is worth buying – or not. 

What is Shake?

Marijuana Shake, or "Shake" is the industry term for cannabis flower remains. It's basically the weed crumbs. The last few pieces of tomatoes in the super market that don't look very good. It's the small chunks of weed that settle in the bottom of your broken-up stash jar and/or the leftover from handling buds. But it also described as the crumbs in the bottom of a bag of Doritos, small and unattractive chip-bits, but it can be extremely flavorful. It can be highly potent, mixed or sometimes loaded with keif, especially if it was just the leftover in a bag of weed. If you were getting it from a dispensary, however, don't expect much. If you have a little of expertise, you may able to tell from the look at it. The freshness, dryness, etc.

Some strains of marijuana produce more shake than others. It depends on the quality of the strain and the density. For instance, high end buds tend to be dense, which product almost no shake (unless you break it down yourself), on the other had, certain “shaggy” marijuana strains with lots of leaves and less tight flowers tend to be less dense and may produce a lot of shake.  

Where to Find Marijuana Shake

Most often, shake can be bought at dispensaries for a less expensive price. Whether or not Marijuana Shake is right for someone depends on how that person intends to utilize marijuana, and his or her level of sophistication and meticulousness. Quality and the type of "high" are not guaranteed in Marijuana Shake, since it comes from variate of flowers, and it usually consists mix of small pieces of nugs, leaves, seeds and/or sometimes stems. Also, budtenders tend to show off and sell full good looking nugs first, and leave the small ugly ones to the end.

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Is it the right ganja for you? 

When I buy my weed, I'm usually pretty focused on the level of THC and CBD each strain has (more about THC and CBD, and the Entourage Effect), and noticed that Shake can be problematic for people who need or want specific type of strains for medical or recreational reasons. If you were one of those individuals it's better to avoid Marijuana Shake and go with what you know, unless you know the contents of the shake with a degree of trust and accuracy. 

If you were the type of person who just wants to get high for cheap, don't mind "hybrid smoking experience", and enjoy that blends, the flavors and sensations from different strains, like myself in certain occasions, shake can be the right choice for you. You can use it for all type of applications, it's great for rolling joints and blunts, since it burns very evenly, slowly, and consistently especially if you roll your joint the "right" way. Making edibles is another great application for Marijuana Shake. I personally use it to make marijuana butter. Check our post 1 Gram Cannabutter Recipe - How to Make Quality Marijuana Butter.

With that said, there are different quality of "shakes." - some may come from a "premium harvest shake", which means it's from the same flower, so at least you'd now the strain type. If you attempt to get a marijuana shake from a dispensary, it never a bad idea to ask about the shake, where it came from, a single flower or multiple ones, have stems in it or not, etc. 

Final note, another terminology in the marijuana industry that you need to be aware of is the "trim." While shake is the leftovers as we explained earlier in the post, trim is the discarded part of the cannabis plant that cut away from the bud before curing. Trim is often has a lot less potency than the flower and I don't recommend smoking it. But if it was offered to you for free, or very cheap, take it. It can be used to make cannabutter and edibles. Extra potency never hurt. 

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated as needed for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

2 Responses

Jim Gunther
Jim Gunther

July 21, 2017

Shake can have it’s upsides and downsides, if you know the strain or strains involved then it would remove the mystery of what to expect. If it is a blend of more than one strain, it has the potential to contain a bigger variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, thus a more complete entourage effect. If you are knowledgeable about cannabis then you have a big advantage over someone who doesn’t have much education on the matter. A medical marijuana patient should probably avoid shake that they are not sure about unless they purchased it from someone who they can trust. I would want to know what was in my medicine, which cannabinoids and terpenes might be present, because some strains are not right for my condition.
Sometimes shake can be a golden treasure, full of all of the keif that fell to the bottom. In this case it would be better to be someone who knew what they were looking at. But for the recreational user, save some money and have a good time!!

mark fauchon
mark fauchon

July 19, 2017

Used to receive lots of shake for free.either sieves it through silkscreen or butane extracted it.either way yummy free hash or oil/shatter.

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