Organic Canna-Honey Right from the Hive. Does It Get You High Though?

Organic Canna-Honey Right from the Hive. Does It Get You High Though?

June 06, 2017

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

An artist, locksmith, and beekeeper (“Nicholas Trainer-bees”) from France has been able to train bees to produce honey from resin gathered by the bees from cannabis plants. “Cannahoney” is created when the bees transport the resin from flowering cannabis plants back to the beehive to make the honey itself in a natural process. 

According to Nicholas, bees are not affected by cannabis because they have no method for processing or accepting cannabinoids – they have no Endocannabinoid System. Putting to bed concerns of potential risk to the bees was an essential part of the developmental process for this product.  Cannabis and honey both have healing properties creating a kind of synergistic all natural possibility in terms of an edible item.  Nicholas confirmed that bees can be trained to utilize resin from any strain making targeted variations of the product possible. More testing needs to be done to measure how much of the initial resin is available in the finished goods. 

My Opinion:  The versatility and flexibility of the cannabis plant never fails to amaze me.  The thought of training bees to generate honey from flowering cannabis plants is an exciting idea!  I am not certain of the type of testing that needs to be completed to show the level of cannabinoids in the finished honey – probably gas chromatography, but I will be following the topic to see when results are in from a lab.  On the con side of things, the world’s honeybee population is diminishing quickly.  For more information on the sweeping epidemic of honey bees dying, this article is a good resource.

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