Does Marijuana Have a Positive Impact on Society?

Does Marijuana Have a Positive Impact on Society?

December 04, 2018

Bloom Farms recently hosted a cannabis appreciation event in Oakland, CA. The Budtenders Bash was a thank you for the employees of the cannabis industry.

The empowerment can be seen by the attendees, which included a mostly young and diverse crowd. Their knowledge of the product and the risk factor adds to their appeal in the marijuana business.

The opportunities of legalization has nothing to do with getting “high”. There is the tax revenue in the millions of dollars. Creation of employment in the construction, media retail, manufacturing, and agriculture industries to name a few. This surge in employment could reach nearly a quarter million jobs. Social capital, which is an economic, and social network that reciprocates trust, cooperation, and cultural gain to the community’s common good.

The unemployment rate of African Americans and Latinos under the age of 25 is staggering. Lower income jobs or lack of tends to create a pipeline of school to prison for minorities in this country. The burden for this population is a lifelong sentence of unemployment, crime, and poverty. The cannabis industry offers opportunities to those individuals who might not be accepted in other work environments. The ability to be gainfully employed offers a person a chance to own a home and afford further education among other necessaries. So many brilliant minds are wasted due to the lack of employment.

Here are a few innovated companies’ ideas, and what they are doing to end this stigma. Bloom Farms, Denver Relief, CBCB, and Panacea all contribute to their communities. Examples include donating meals, promotion of volunteerism, job creation, and a percentage of their sales to the communities’ social issues. My mother would tell me that this country is going to pot, but a least mom it is for the better this time.

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