Marijuana’s Footprint on the Environment

Marijuana’s Footprint on the Environment

May 31, 2017

The New Frontier, a data analysis company, published a report with regards to the environment and marijuana cultivation. The expansion of legal marijuana in the USA needs a balance for both the environment and the cultivators. The points of interest from the report are guidelines that will impact the energy footprint to the environment and its efficiency of production.

One of the main focuses is the high energy costs of indoor cultivation. The lasting impressions on the environment, and the significant ramifications associated within the production process.

The report focuses on the usage of lighting, ventilation, dehumidification, and air conditioning which all contribute to the huge amounts of energy used. The concern is the carbon footprint left behind during each crops life cycle. Outdoor cultivation has its own negative effects on the environment because of the large amounts of pesticides incorporated into the growing process.

One forward thinking individual suggested a carbon-neutral design for grow houses. Active audits on energy usage, as well as smart meters. The LED and or lighting companies have advanced technologies which would contribute to this solution.

Bottom line is as the cannabis industry grows so will the requirements and policies to sustain itself with clean energy. Greener Environment, Greener Profits, and maybe a little Green for me.

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