Seven Ways to Smoke Weed

Seven Ways to Smoke Weed

June 06, 2017

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Marijuana is a great herb that has so many benefits. It helps you reduce anxiety, and improve your athletic performance. With weed involved you just cannot go wrong. When it comes to consuming Marijuana, users recently have more options than ever. It’s difficult to recommend the best way of smoking because new methods are popping out every day. The best way of smoking marijuana depends on the user’s preferences and priorities on cost, health, and convenience. Today we are focused on seven great ways that you can smoke weed.

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1. VaporizersThe method involves heating Marijuana rather than burning it. The chemical compounds in the weed vaporize at a much less temperature hence less harmful to the smoker. The taste of vaporized weed is so sweet and much comfortable to the lungs. It is the best smokeless way of consuming marijuana. The prices of vaporizers are lower hence readily available to everyone.

Pros: it is clean, healthier and one can add classic and hybrid flavors.

Cons: Propylene Glycol, an ingredient of the liquid can cause discomfort to allergic individuals.


2. BongsA bong is a water-based device that allows smoke to pass through water before inhalation through the mouthpiece. Its advantage is that you get smooth hits that don’t burn your throat especially using cold water or adding ice. The base water can be flavored to enhance a sweeter taste of the herb. There are various designs of Bongs hence it’s your responsibility is to find your suit. 

Pros: provides smoother and bigger hits that easily get you high. 

Cons: it is cumbersome to use, uses more marijuana, and it’s not convenient for a large group of smokers. 

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3. Glass Pipe or BubblerWhen in thirst of Marijuana, you will probably wish to smoke as soon as possible, and the pipes are quick easy and convenient to use. The advantage of this product is it can be designed and decorated to suit your interests. They are cheap and convenient to carry. The disadvantage is that after using it and you get higher than the empire state, Glass Pipe easy to break in case you drop it. They are also not recommended for large group smokers.




4. HookahHaving friends and lots of Marijuana, bond so well together. However, with Hookah, it makes it a more social event. Hookah contains four or more nozzles attached to the Marijuana smoke source for sharing it with your pals. 

Pros: you can lean back and comfortably get high. Also, multiple people can smoke at once. 

Cons: it’s not good for groups since it will take long for an individual to get high.



5. JointSometimes you need to go back to the old simple ways which our parents used to smoke weed. Joint provide you the joy of simple way of consuming Marijuana.

Pros: Use of rollers makes it very easy to make joints. They also don’t use a lot of the herb.

Cons: Using joint leads to wastage of the flavor by fast burning. Joints can also result in fingers and lips burning.


6. BluntBlunt is a cigar rolled with tobacco leaf and then opened outward to be filled with Marijuana. The art of Blunt is beautiful to those who have tried. Flavored Blunts are known to improve the sweet tang on the inhale. 

Pros: The use of Blunt is your Marijuana cigar burns slowly, and it can hold more weed compared to Joint.

Cons: Blunt contains tobacco effect which is harmful to pure Marijuana smokers.


7. Gas mask: It is one of the craziest ways that you can smoke weed. A pipe from the smoking bong is channeled to the gas mask. With the gas mask, you can regulate the incoming weed flavor from the bong. Unlike smoking a blunt, joint and a bong, the gas mask provides you the ability to relish the entire smoking process. 

Pros: it will get you high very fast. 

Cons: the gas mask can easily burn your face or even mess up with your nostril. It can also cause breathing difficulties


In conclusion, there are so many ways to smoke weed. The Marijuana consumption has attracted more innovative and creative ways of burning it. The best way is for you to figure out what is best for yourself. Some of you want to get high slowly while most of us want to get totally blasted in a span. Also, the availability of the methods of smoking weed will determine our choice. However, I will highly recommend you to go for a vaporizer. With convenience, the product gives you your true high sensation from the magnificent Marijuana.


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