Different High: Can Taking Weed Increase Your Metabolism?

May 08, 2019

By Jessica K.

Marijuana has wide-ranging benefits to the body. However, one of the most viable uses of taking weed one can imagine, would be its ability to have an effect on the metabolism. Obesity is a menace that is prevalent across the world nowadays. Diets rich in sugar, foods containing a high glycemic index, refined grains, unhealthy fats in vegetable oils, and increased intake of salt contributes to the onset of systemic inflammation. It can further lead to ailments like cardiovascular health deterioration and autoimmune diseases. 

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This is where marijuana can prove to be quite useful. A study suggests that the instances of one suffering from obesity and high body mass index can find a cure with the intake of marijuana. It also found out that body weight tends to decrease even when your calorie consumption is high. Let us read ahead to decipher certain information in relation to weed and metabolism.

Effect of metabolism on weight


There is a perception amongst people that some are blessed with a high metabolism rate than others. Hence, they are likely to remain fit even if they consume high calories. That does not hold true as per the findings of research by Mayo Clinic professor of medicine Michael Jensen, MD.

Thus, if you are wondering ways to increase your metabolism, gaining muscles and controlling your diet can play a major role. It also depends upon a variety of factors, ranging from age, gender, and body movement. However, there are some variables that have as wide an impact on your metabolism and the maintenance of weight as anything else can have. Even though these aren’t the conventional ones that everyone is aware of, their effect on the body is highly apparent. These include your hormonal balance, stress levels, environment, quality and quantity of sleep, and the levels of cortisol in the body.

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Weed helps in fighting against anxiety and depression


There is a direct correlation between the prevalence of depression and low metabolism rates as per a study. Hence, people who suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression are more likely to witness weight gain. The production of cortisol levels also sees a spurt when one is stressful, which contributes to weight gain. You can address this issue by inculcating cannabis seeds in your life. 

Since weed contains a compound known as CBD, it helps provide relaxation to the nervous system and calmness to the mind. This enables you to fight against the menace of psychological problems and thus, aim for attaining balanced mental health. Once you are able to address anxiety and depression, you shall further be able to achieve a high metabolism rate. Hence, weed can go a long way in helping you fight mental ailments and maintaining a healthy weight as a result. Those looking to grow their own marijuana can refer to the marijuana guide for a better understanding.

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The potency of marijuana on metabolism


A study that was conducted nearly 40 years ago was done to examine the link between metabolism and smoking marijuana. It showed that weed can speed up the rate of metabolism such that it can contribute to fat burning. There was another research that was done by Murray Mittleman, a Harvard Medical School Professor, who reiterated that marijuana smokers tend to have a higher carbohydrate burning capacity than the non-users. It also suggests that the insulin levels of the users of weed remain lower, thereby enabling them to maintain a balanced blood sugar level. This contributes to a slimmer waist and avoids the accumulation of unnecessary fats in the body. 

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A study went on to reveal that daily weed consumers were less likely to be overweight and had a lesser BMI than 25 in most of the cases. Thus, smoking pot does have a direct correlation with lower body fat and much more fitness. A research claims that high abdominal fat is known to be extremely detrimental for the health of the body. This fact stems from the idea that not everybody part excessive in fats is harmful equally. Some of the leading consequences of belly fat amount to diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. Hence, weed can be a useful tool here due to its ability to ward off the building of fats in the belly region. 


The bottom line would be that marijuana does have a positive effect on preventing weight gain. Although more research awaits, weed does show anti-obesity properties as per article. Besides being a facilitator in the maintenance of weight, the other benefits of marijuana range from providing relief from chronic pain, glaucoma, seizures, nausea, and vomiting.

In order to get access to good quality marijuana, contact the best online dispensary Canada or any other place has to offer. However, it is also imperative to understand that excess of anything is bad. Thus, consult your doctor about the proper dosage of marijuana and the weed that is manageable for the body to be able to realize the most number of health benefits in the future.

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