How Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain helps in Social Anxiety

July 10, 2019

By Jessica Smith

If you have ever walked into a social situation feeling nervous, clumsy, and uncomfortable, you will know how overpowering the feeling is. Sweaty palms and dizziness while meeting someone new or while walking into a room full of the audience may not be a normal reaction for all. Social anxiety disorder refers to the stress of a social situation on a person. A normal gesture such as shaking hands, making eye contact might feel like a tough task and out of one's comfort zone in this case. This stress is a mental disorder that is also among the most common of them all.

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Social Anxiety disorder currently has various types of treatment options available. From medication in case of severe cases to therapy in mild cases, there are a variety of ways to counter the social shyness. But a study states less than 5% of people actually end up seeking help. And most of these people have gone through a significant number of years before gathering the courage to get help. Not getting the right help required could lead to severe depression, suicidal thoughts, or even alcoholism in some cases.

Today, cannabis is a fresh sip of hope for the medical industry. Across the world, thousands of patients are swarming to try this miracle plant to cure problems with fewer side effects and in a natural manner. However, it’s best to consult a marijuana doctor before trying any of these strains for medical purpose. Competent and experienced doctors like the best of Florida Marijuana doctors can guide you upon the proper usage and the dose required.

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Current usage shows encouraging results in the use of cannabis for treating mental health conditions. Different varieties and strains of the plant have various health benefits.

Some of them have strong psychoactive effects, whereas some others have healing power.  This leads to our interest in exploring the efficiency of Medical marijuana, with focus on a powerful strain called the Strawberry Cough Marijuana for treating social anxiety.

Marijuana: Mending the social barrier

Marijuana for social anxiety

A study published in the American Medical Journal in 2002 was among the first few to show the possible effects of Marijuana towards the treatment of anxiety. It concluded that people suffering from social anxiety in the United States of America were seven times more likely to develop cannabis addiction. Another study in 2009 indicates that marijuana usage can be effective in treating social anxiety disorder.

The endocannabinoid system of the human body controls the signaling for various functions. Presence of certain substances in the body keeps us happy and stress-free. These substances, for example, anandamide, interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors for starting various functions in the body. The cannabinoids of the cannabis such as THC, CBD bind with these receptors and stimulate positive effects such as creating a sense of euphoria. Sativa Dominant strains, are great supplements for people suffering from mental imbalance. The reason behind this is that these strains help uplifting mood without causing sedative effects. It is thus an ideal day time strain compared to Indica dominant strains.

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Recreational cannabis users have experienced mood elevation and calming effects from high- THC varieties. Certain strains are capable of energizing as well as uplifting mood when consumed and have a stress relieving effect on the body. This effect can be favorable for people suffering from a social anxiety disorder. It can help them relax and calm down in situations that place their body under stress and handle them better.

Another study conducted in Brazil studied the effects of CBD on 36 patients suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. The study found that people dosed with CBD faced less anxiety in contrast to people who did not receive dosage. This study shows a promising front for the use of CBD for the treatment of social anxiety. Yet there is no conclusive proof towards its effectiveness compared to THC. This will help experience the medicinal benefits of Cannabis without psychoactive effects. Further research can help understand the use of CBD better.

The Magic of Strawberry Cough Marijuana

Marijuana for social anxiety

The strawberry cough strain is a fine blend of the best of Strawberry field strain from Vermont and original Haze. This is a sativa blend strain that has a distinctive reddish pistil intricate with the green buds. This strain created with a perfect 18 % THC level is highly effective towards treating social anxiety. While the THC levels seem mild compared to various other strains, the balance of the terpene joins hands to make it an amazing blend. The strain has various characteristics that help to induce calming and relaxing effects in the body. This is beneficial for people suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder.

 One of the predominant characteristics that have a calming effect is the fresh breath of strawberry flavor filling the air. It is an intensifying sensation filled with fruity flavors that is smooth and calming to consume. The terpenes in the strain that create this aroma also help to relax your mind and body. It makes you feel light and stress-free, especially during difficult social situations. The strain is effective for slowing down heartbeat in adrenaline rushing situations that helps one to concentrate and focus better. In fact, people suffering from ADHD also find this characteristic very effective.

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The strain also helps alleviate mood and create euphoric cerebral effects that will let you enjoy a warm and comfortable space in your head. It helps let go of the situation and opens a giggly headspace. It can also boost energy levels in the body and relieve pain. This effect is especially effective for people with social anxiety as they tend to be constantly alert and awkward in said situations. The strain can help dissolve a feeling of paranoia and panic and instead make you feel safe and comfortable. It's sweet smell and THC: CBD ratio promise to calm your nerves and make you feel normal and easy in social situations.

The effects of the strain hit quickly, and many claim that the flowers give a more intense high of all the other parts. The advantages of automatic seeds indicate that it is easy to receive high-quality Strawberry Cough Marijuana for beating social anxiety.

Other Strains that help you socialize

Marijuana for social anxiety

While Strawberry Cough is one of the best choices of strains for treating social anxiety, a few others also have similar characteristics.

  1. ACDC: Among the few strains that exhibit high CBD levels, ACDC is an outstanding choice of strain for beating social anxiety without experiencing the high. The strain contains CBD and THC in 20:1 ratio and is ideal for treating anxiety by helping you relax. This is a purely medical strain which offers amazing benefits without delivering any psychoactive effects. Check ACDC review on Leafly here
  1. Jack Herer: This is yet another Sativa dominant strain that has strong social effects. It creates a sense of euphoric and helps boost energy. The strain is also useful for treating people suffering from neurological disorders such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, PTSD, etc. Check Jack Herer review on Leafly here
  1. Orange Crush: It has a distinctive citrusy aroma that brims the air. It is a fresh start to a giggly and happy space in your head. The strain offers an enjoyable experience that is not too intense and helps in alleviating your mood. Check Orange Crush review on Leafly here

Apart from these, there are few other effective strains such as Granddaddy Purple, Harlequin, Silver Haze, CBD Shark, White Fire OG that could help you get through long dinners and office parties with ease.                                   

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