The Best Healthy Cannabis Infused Food

August 08, 2019

Playing around with different food recipes is fun if not entirely engaging. It is different when it comes to playing around with cannabis as a vital ingredient in your recipe. Cannabis-infused food has become the next big thing in the food industry. The legalization of medical marijuana has made it possible for experimentations at all levels in different sectors to commence.

These edibles are now in use for various purposes including getting high, relieving pain and different other medical prescriptions. Identifying or using the best healthy cannabis-infused food can be difficult. Here are a few pointers to help you achieve the best with the selected edibles.

Understand the different ingredients used


Cannabis can be used as an essential ingredient in three forms. These are a tincture, oil or butter.

  • A tincture is an extraction of cannabis that is alcohol-based. You can use it for cooking when infused in alcoholic drinks such as rum or brandy.

  • Cooking oil: Cannabis oil is cooking oil infused with essential cannabinoids. The cannabis oil is available to all and is a salad dressing and also a dipping sauce.

  • Butter: Cannabis-infused butter is also known as cannabutter. The cannabis plant is cooked in butter, allowing the butter oil to extract all of the cannabinoids presents. The rest is thrown away after straining, and the butter made for baking and cooking purposes.

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Purpose: Why use cannabis-infused foods

Cannabis-infused foods are simple and deliver the desired effects gradually. If you do not want to get high immediately and want the effects to last longer, then these are your best bet. However, knowing the amount of CBD or THC in an edible can prove to be difficult. You need to ensure that your edibles information is available whether buying it online or preparing them at home. Do not use infused foods whose pertinent information isn’t available on the packaging material.

Medical purposes

According to a study, cannabis-infused foods can be used to treat the different medical conditions while at the same time, inducing relaxation and stress relief. Medical conditions treated include allergies such as gluten allergy, epilepsy seizures, drug addiction, and endometriosis, among others.


Many professionals advise that you start small, build up usage of cannabis edibles. To start modest means going slow on the provided edibles, as you may easily overdose. Edibles have a slow reaction time in comparison to smoking or vaping cannabinoids.

Edibles effects take 3 hours to manifest while the others take approx 30 minutes. Besides, the results take longer to go away, which indicates the need to investigate and understand the use of cannabis-infused foods thoroughly. To ensure you are safe, purchase your product from reputable outlets such as at cannabis owl.

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Types of foods

Food is of different types; it is of several forms. However, we are going to discuss only three ways in which cannabis can be infused with the food we take. These are:

1. Baked foods

Cannabis plant extracts are highly applicable in baked goodies. These range from pot cakes, brownies, and cookies, among others. You can purchase the cannabis extract you need, such as Mk ultra online. It is impossible to differentiate cannabis-infused baked goods from other regular baked items. Therefore, it is essential to seek clarification from the purchasing site or shop before buying them. The cannabis-infused baked goods may have a tinge of green color on them and may emit a mild cannabis smell.

  • How to bake using cannabis? Baking is simple, with the availability of cannabutter. As mentioned above, it is a form of butter with cannabis as a significant ingredient. Instead of using the regular salted or unsalted butter, you can use the cannabutter for your baking needs. Besides, you can also use CBD oil when baking, for your salad dressing or sautéing your veggies. CBD Oil is also known for its many health benefits, many ask is CBD Oil good for acne scars? And the answer is yes it is. Regular intake of CBD Oil can help reduce acne scars and other skin problems. 
2. Infused drinks

    Today, people make tea and coffee with marijuana. Its effects are said to be quite mild and also, it is not psychoactive. It is as a result of the absence of alcohol and other fats in the tea. If not a fan of either tea or alcohol, you might want to try cannabis-infused smoothies. They are perfect as they are not heavy foods and don’t cause any stomach issues.  Besides, it has mild effects depending on the quantity of cannabinoids you add to your smoothie.

    • How to make cannabis-infused drinks? Infused drinks are the easiest to make. All you need is the essential ingredient, i.e., cannabidiol or extract. Add the cannabis extracts or tinctures to the desired drink. Shake or stir well, and there you have it. 

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    Cannabis-infused foods examples

    The above information provides a base of selecting the best healthy cannabis-infused foods. With this in mind, here are some examples of foods in California:

    • CBD Honey Straws
    • Satori CBD-Rich Almonds
    • Cannabis-Infused Dark Chocolate

    Others include but are not limited to Buddha organic CBD teas and the Almonds infused CBD edibles.

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    Healthy foods are full of essential nutrients and vitamins. Similarly, cannabis contains essential nutrients required by the body. Besides, it achieves the desired effect within a short period. However, to be safe, conduct CBD Lab tests on the products you buy, review the ingredients. Nowadays, you can comfortably buy cannabis-infused food at the comfort of your coach via mail order marijuana and get it delivered at your doorstep.