Top 6 Cannabis-Friendly Destinations

Top 6 Cannabis-Friendly Destinations

October 31, 2020

Over the past decade, the view on cannabis has completely changed. In the 1970s, during the "War on Drugs," marijuana got a reputation as it was classified as a Schedule I drug. This is the same category as heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. 

However, more recently, people have come to realize the benefits of medicinal cannabis, which started the movement to legalization. In June of 2019, eleven states and Washington, D.C. legalized the recreational use of marijuana. 

In these states, some dispensaries are filled with devices, weeds, marijuana-infused candies, drinks, cereals, and more. Now there's even a smoking subscription box you can send to a friend or sign up yourself. It's become a massive market for many. 

The United States isn't the only place that's opened their minds to the use of cannabis. We're going to go over the top six destinations that allow recreational use of marijuana. 

The United States

As mentioned above, the United States is taking steps forward in its views on marijuana use. The states with legalized cannabis are Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, and Washington D.C. 

In these regions, you're allowed to buy and smoke without any legal trouble. Many other states have decriminalized it or allow it for medical use. However, federally, marijuana use is still illegal. 

If you're planning a road trip through many regions to explore the cities, National Parks, and other monuments, you need to keep these rules in mind. Even if you purchase in a legal state, once you cross the border, the laws change. 

You could get in legal trouble if you cross the state line with cannabis products if that place doesn't allow it. 


The United States friendly neighbor, Canada, allows you to take a puff of cannabis without any legal trouble. In October of 2018, the government made it legal nationwide

There are many dispensaries around the country and in the cities. Also, some cafes have a smoking bar that you can enjoy. If you like to smoke marijuana, you'll love traveling through Canada. 

The country is also home to more than 550 lakes. If you're someone who enjoys hiking while being high, this is the place for you. The treks range in length and difficulty, so there's something for everyone. 

Some of the most beautiful ones to explore are Lake Ontario, Banff National Park, Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, and Maligne Lake. You'll never get bored of hiking with a cloud of smoke in Canada. 


This tiny South American country was the first place in the world to legalize marijuana nationally for recreational purposes. This was very progressive for its time in 2017. The new regulations made tourism in Uruguay boom. 

There are even cannabis tours you can take and experience the laid back lifestyle on the beach. The tour will go over the history of marijuana in Uruguay and the laws. You'll visit gardens and be taken to the first Cannabis Museum in America. 

However, according to the law, visitors cannot purchase marijuana, but can freely smoke it. This is a little odd, but you can always find an Uruguayan friend to help you out. 

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, is known for being a little risky. The Red Light district gives people the freedom to do as they please, and this includes smoking. You can go into any "coffee shop" to buy cannabis products.

Dutch law allows these places to sell marijuana for personal consumption. Technically, it's not legal, but the local officials tolerate it. As long as you only have 5 grams or less, you'll never get into trouble while visiting the Netherlands. 

As long as you don't have a lot on you and you're not smoking in public, you shouldn't have a problem. It's best to go to the "coffee shops" to consume marijuana because it's legal there. If you're traveling solo, this is a great place to socialize. 


The home of Bob Marley, the Rastafarian king, Jamaica, is the place to go to smoke some weed. The singer has created a culture in the country for being relaxed, enjoying life, and being high while listening to music. 

In 2014, the government decriminalized the recreational use of cannabis. By law, marijuana is still illegal in Jamaica, but if you have a small amount with you on the beach, you won't get into trouble. You can channel your inner Bob Marley, soak up the Caribbean sun, and smoke. 

If you're interested to see how locals grow their supply, there are tours in Negril. While on the tour, you'll be able to take a puff or two and learn about the farm. You can legally purchase up to 2 ounces from the dispensary. 


Portugal is on the coast of Europe and has been a popular tourist destination in the past few years. There are lovely beaches, rich culture, and great food. It's also known for its progressive drug policies. 

Back in 2001, the government decriminalized personal amounts of all types of drugs, including marijuana. This was way before many other nations took any step forward on views on drugs. However, none are legal yet. 

That being said, you can still go around Portugal with a moderate amount of cannabis, and no one will give you trouble for it. Law enforcement won't give you problems if you're smoking in specific locations such as festivals, concerts, or in private homes. 

Before you book your tickets, look at the dates for NOS Alive, Boom Festival, or Super Bock Super Rock. These are some of the best festivals in the country, and you won't want to miss them with a fat joint in your hand.

The Bottom Line 

We see more and more places around the world, accepting the use of cannabis products. With the many benefits for your physical and mental health, marijuana is attracting more people for consumption. 

Besides some states in the U.S., many nations around the world are cannabis-friendly. Those being Canada, Uruguay, The Netherlands, Jamaica, and Portugal. If you enjoy being high on your vacation, consider one of these places for your next destination.