Top 7 Reads: Build Your Cannabis Library

December 28, 2020

Are you fond of reading cannabis books? If yes, then you are in the right place. The winter nights are near and so are the holidays that will be spent indoors, thanks to the pandemic. When you have hours to spare, you can always spend it rolling a joint or reading about one.

Cannabis is an interesting green herb. It’s small but very powerful. So, whether you like to collect cannabis books, wish to find a way to spend your time or need to open your knowledge store, I have a few good names of books that will give you the company you need. From cannabis basics, growing and cooking, I have found a book from each section to give you a variety to choose from. So, without further delay, let’s hop into the list of top cannabis reads.

First: Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

Got a growers license California and need a hand with your cannabis plants in the backyard? Well, hop into Amazon or Barnes and Nobles and find a copy of Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook. As the title suggests, it is a detailed book with the latest cannabis growing techniques. It suits beginners and advanced growers alike and can help them have healthy and resinous buds.

Ed has 30 years of experience with cannabis cultivation and has included all his tips and tricks to a healthy harvest for an indoor and outdoor setting. From the selection of seeds to watering schedules at different growth stages, you can find it all in the book with color photos and illustrations.

Second: The Cannabis Encyclopedia- Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes worked in cannabis cultivation since the 1980s and wrote a comprehensive book that includes the basic instructions for cultivation, consumption and a detailed history of cannabis.


You can find the essential techniques for growing cannabis indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. It also contains details about cannabinoid measurement and methods of consumption. Every piece of information is written in a step-by-step manner and with more than 2000 colored images to make reading the book easier for every kind of reader.

Third: The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine

Do you have an inclination towards cooking? Or cooking with cannabis? I’m sure that if you are a medical cannabis consumer, the idea of having cannabis in your favorite meal must have crossed your mind. Well, you can make it possible with this book.

Jessica Catalano incorporates different international cuisines with the strains that will best suit the flavors of the dish and gives you a meal you can prepare at home. With easy to read step-by-step instructions and illustrations, whether your cooking skills are a 1 or a 10, you can start medicating yourself without giving up on the pleasurable experience of food.

Fourth: The Cannabis Dictionary, Alex Halperin

Cannabis may look like a simple green herb but it is surrounded by different important and even complicated factors. Alex Halperin, a renowned cannabis journalist, gives you a walk through each of these different aspects from A to Z in his book The Cannabis Dictionary.

He introduces the reader to the intricacies related to cannabis. By separating facts from fiction, he gives you knowledge about the legal issues, medical prospects, properties of THC and CBD and other cannabis-related topics.

Fifth: The Sinsemilla Technique, Kayo

Getting growers license in California is easy but getting started with the process may take some time. Reading a book like The Sinsemilla Technique can help you have healthy cannabis plants.

The book describes the Sinsemilla Technique which focuses on the indoor growing techniques where the female plant is allowed to blossom for buds. You also get insights into the propagation technique, high potency strains, cutting techniques and all other important steps that can help you grow cannabis in a better way.

Sixth: GREEN - A Field Guide to Marijuana, Dan Michael and Erik Christiansen

If you are a cannabis enthusiast who loves to get into the varieties of cannabis, this book will become your favorite in no time. It explains the lineage, flavor and uniqueness of as many as 170 different cannabis strains with hyper-detailed photographs of individual buds. Such extensive knowledge can be helpful for not just medical cannabis consumers but also people who use cannabis recreationally.

Seventh: Marijuana Gateway to Health

Clint Werner wrote the book, Marijuana Gateway to Health, to let the world into the medical prowess of marijuana. From the evolution of cannabis from the illegal drug to medicine to the present scope of the herb, it has it all.

He introduces you to the latest scientific research about the miracle chemicals of cannabis such as THC and CBD and how they can be useful in improving debilitating conditions such as cancer and brain health. Also, you can get an insight into the legal restrictions and policies that refrains cannabis to show its full potential.

So, which one will be a part of your collection? Let me know.