Weed Apps: Top Cannabis Social Media App Pick for 2016

Weed Apps: Top Cannabis Social Media App Pick for 2016

June 05, 2017

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

Todd Mitchem, well known for his various roles in the cannabis industry (CEO, author, speaker, change agent, and cannapreneur), published his top pick for ‘app to watch in 2016’.  He has experience in the social networking arena from his own endeavors, and other roles providing leadership allowing companies such as O.penVAPE, CannaSearch, Mindful, and High There! to grow into successes!  Mitchem is the founder and CEO of High There!, a social network allowing cannabis users to connect from around the globe. You might think that he would choose the app he founded, but his choice made for top app of 2016 is actually Duby. 

What was the logic behind selecting Duby? The Duby platform has stability, bridges generational gaps, and has features that are great not only for social networking, but also for business development. Any business is allowed to have a presence within the app, so the barriers preventing businesses from social networking such as what have been encountered regarding Facebook and Instagram deleting marijuana business accounts, will not be a problem. Mitchem also says he feels Duby has a better user experience for the best continued chance of success in the long term.  One thing he points out is folks using the app are required to participate – opting out of participation is not permitted.  He believes this to be a key point regarding the future of cannabis and social media. 

Want to download the Duby app now? Click here.

My Opinion:  As a business person myself, I agree with much of what Todd Mitchem mentioned in the article.  He is right that companies, especially within the technology realm, need to position themselves carefully to continue as going concerns in the future.  Duby looks to be a great avenue to meet the objectives of allowing businesses and standard social media consumers to connect and relate.

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