Can I do something to Decrease my tolerance to marijuana other than a Break?

August 12, 2019

The fact that you are here could mean one thing only; you’ve unlocked your tolerance level on pot. Congratulations!

This is a rite of passage for all potheads. It makes it impossible to get that old feeling that you enjoyed back in the day regardless of the number of hits and quantity.


Sure, T-breaks do work if you know exactly what is requiredThe real bummer, however, is that you need to take a break from weed. If you are a real weed-head and can’t imagine a day without your daily treat, let’s explore other ways of recalibrating your tolerance without keeping off the grass. 

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First: Try something different


In most instances, combating a marijuana tolerance level is as simple as changing the strain. This means that the first thing that you need to understand is what you’ve been consuming in the first place.

If you’ve been consistently using the same strain, then your brain’s cannabinoid receptors are yearning for something different.

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Different weed strains vary a lot in term of THC concentration. If you are used to low-strain THC, you might consider switching gear to something slightly stronger. This way, your brain will need a notably lower amount of cannabis to trigger the High.

On the other hand, if you are used to a heavy indica strain, you might want to consider something a little bit lighter. This helps you cut back on your dose without having to take a break.

Second: Switch up your Consumption methods


Your body metabolizes weed differently depending on whether you eat, smoke, or vaporize it. Each of these consumption methods has a varying effect.

So, playing around with the 3 methods could introduce your body to something new and, therefore, lead to better results.

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For instance, if you are used to smoking, try some edibles and see how your body will respond. If you take pot to relieve pain, you could consider trying a topical instead of smoking.

Actually, exploring different methods could introduce you to a new product that might change your experience completely.

Third: Determine when you really want to toke


Skipping some sessions is another great way to recalibrate your tolerance levels. It’s human nature to want. As a lover of weed, you’ll often want to hit the joint even when your body doesn’t need it at that particular time.

So, before reaching for that weed, ask yourself a few questions; do I need it now? Would it be possible to use it later?

If you’ve convinced your brain that you are serious on lowering the tolerance break, it won’t be too hard to eschew a joint or blunt for a few hours.

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Fourth: Don’t wake and bake, at least for now


As a classic stoner, this might be the last thing that you’d want to hear. But trust us; it works. 

The reason why wake and bake sends you so far away is that THC is hitting a body that has been deprived of nutrients for some hours.

It might also be that your body has been busy trying to remove some of the THC ‘cobwebs’ in your brain throughout the night. Therefore, you wake up to receptors that are ready to bind with cannabinoids.

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This generally means that if you waited for a few more hours more before toking, it’s very likely that you’ll need a slightly lower amount of weed to achieve a high. In addition, there is higher likelihood that the experience will be much better. 

Fifth: Do some exercises


There is a lot of contradictory information on whether or not exercising will help lower your tolerance level for weed.

But what’s certain is that exercises can help you resist the urge to reach for the weed especially if you are trying to skip a session.

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Sixth: Consider Cannabidiol Oil (CDB)


At times like these, adding cannabinoid oil to your weed routine could help a great deal. Similar to THC, CBD is a cannabinoid and also targets the cannabinoid receptors in your brain.

The major difference, however, is that CBD is non-psychoactive meaning that it does not cause you a HIGH.CBD is known for its anti-anxiety benefits that make its users feel relaxed besides keeping their mind functional.

Most of the recent research studies prove that when used together, CBD and THC tend to enhance each other’s positive attributes.

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It’s for this reason that CBD oil is often recommended as a viable way of decreasing tolerance to marijuana.

One study suggests that consuming CBD could help lower the rate at which your CB1 receptor soaks in THC. This means that CBD oil has the potential to quicken the recovery.

Final Words


Most of the tips that we’ve pointed out here should help in decreasing your tolerance albeit for short periods.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that you’ll still need to take the break someday. While switching up your consumption method and trying something different might help in the short run, these strategies only push the need for a break a little bit further.

However, the sooner you take the break, the sooner you will be smoking just a little bit of stash to achieve your regular high. And it’s also much easier on your wallet.

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