Yoga and Cannabis

By Lauren K

As marijuana becomes more and more culturally accepted and legalized (at least for medical purposes), it’s seen its way into every subculture and activity imaginable. What better way to deepen your yoga practice than to toke up before, or even during class?

Marijuana is generally used to relax the body, open the mind, ease aches and pains and generally improve any activity. However, combine physical activity with cannabis and it’s not always a fun time. I smoked only once before going to the gym because the whole time I was working out on the elliptical machine, I just wanted to sit down and eat a snack. It wasn’t a very enjoyable workout, no matter how many upbeat songs I tried to listen to. I was more concerned with the weird beat in the music I’d never noticed before.

Then I came across Ganjasana, which is described on their website as “ a ceremonial practice aligning regenerative cannabis plant medicine ‘ganja’ with sacred yoga body postures ‘asana.’” This was a whole yoga studio dedicated to growing their own cannabis and using it in conjunction with yoga! They host events in Boulder, Colorado that combine cannabis-infused, farm-to-table meals and relaxing yoga that is specifically tailored to the elevated mind and body.

Similar classes are available in San Francisco as well as Toronto. A dispensary in Ann Arbor offers a monthly yoga class, but it’s not advertised as a ganja-centered class and there’s no consuming of marijuana before or during the class (at least not IN the class). Unfortunately, where I live in Detroit there aren’t any ganja yoga classes, so I had to toke up and try it out for myself.

Just as there are different strains of weed, there are different types of yoga. I didn’t want to smoke a nice indica and go to a Bikram class, where the temperature climbs up to 105 degrees and I feel like I’m inches from death the entire time. That would have been even worse than the time I tried to get high and use the elliptical.

What I ended up experiencing was a few heavy hits from the bong (contact us here for a discount on the bong of your choice) before going to an hour-long Short Form Ashtanga class. This class is comprised of a specific series of postures so I felt that the familiarity of the class would be good while high.

Although I wasn’t as mentally present as I usually am during a yoga class, it did help me loosen up and try some advanced poses without worrying too much about falling over or doing it wrong. Since the class wasn’t too crowded I didn’t feel paranoid and I wasn’t worried about the person next to me smelling weed. I was also able to close my eyes more and focus inward, just grooving to the ocean waves playing through the speakers.

It would be great for ganja yoga to become a more widespread thing. Medical marijuana patients suffering from any ailment, from MS to cancer to anxiety, can benefit from the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Yoga, just like cannabis, has been around for thousands of years and combining the two makes perfect sense. I’ll definitely be smoking before my next yoga class.


Lauren K is a medical marijuana patient in the Detroit area. She has a B.A. in Journalism and a minor in Art History.

She’s passionate about cannabis for medical as well as recreational use and hopes to see it legalized in all 50 states within the next few years. Lauren also enjoys yoga, reading, writing, and cooking (sometimes with cannabis).

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October 04, 2016

We do this every Tuesday. We call it “Smokin Yoga” in Portland, Oregon

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