Effects of Consuming Cannabis and CBD On Coronavirus?

June 04, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm and has led people to look for the cures for the deadly virus. The novelty of the coronavirus has left us wondering that what could be the possible cure for it or what part of our lifestyle can make us prone to it.

There are many speculations all over the internet about it and people are ready to opt for anything that is being believed to protect us from the virus. Likewise, among so many other possible cures for the virus, it is being questioned that if cannabis or CBD is effective for the treatment of coronavirus as marijuana for anxiety is or is their usage harmful. To differentiate between facts and myths regarding CBD and cannabis and their effects on coronavirus, here is everything that you need to know:

Why Do People Use Cannabis or CBD?

Cannabis has always been consumed as a drug for recreational purposes. However, with the advancements in the field of medicine and thorough research about the drug, it has been found to be beneficial for medicinal purposes. The terms like ‘medical marijuana’ have made the drug legalized in various parts of the world. Cannabis is usually used for the treatment of mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. 

Likewise, CBD is used for its therapeutic effects. It has been found to beneficial for people having common mental health issues like insomnia, stress, chronic depression, etc. Moreover, it is also creating hype for the benefits that it offers for physical health. For instance, it is known to reduce the symptoms of cancer by helping the patients to cope with post-chemotherapy health issues like nausea, headaches, etc. CBD oil is particularly useful for those with arthritis as it helps in easing the joint pain by reducing the inflammation. 

What Will Be the Effect of Coronavirus on CBD or Cannabis Consumers?

Well, according to the research that has been conducted until now regarding the Covid-19, it is a lung disease that leads to death by damaging the lungs. Coronavirus is particularly life-threatening for smokers or people who are addicted to inhaling drugs, as their lungs are already damaged from such unhealthy habits. Likewise, if a person solely consumes cannabis for recreational purposes, then coronavirus can prove to be fatal for him/her. 

However, if a person consumes cannabis of CBD for medicinal purposes and that too with doctor’s recommendation, then they must consider consuming it by means other than vaping or smoking. They can use cannabis or CBD in the form of edibles or tinctures as it won’t affect their lungs directly. For further information regarding the matter, one must consult their doctor about the current situation. 

Can CBD or Cannabis Be Used for Treating Covid-19?

Well, to our disappointment, it’s a straightaway no! Since there isn’t any evidence to back this notion, it would be wrong to make any such claims. Coronavirus can be harmful to people addicted to marijuana or any other drug, but it cannot be claimed that cannabis can contribute to killing the virus.

Moreover, the coronavirus is novel to the world and even after four months of fighting the pandemic, no one has succeeded in finding a cure or vaccine for it, therefore, it would be recommended for you not to pay heed to any such claims that frequently circulating on social media these days. Only pay attention to the information that you get from authentic sources. 

The Bottom Line

If you are taking CBD or cannabis for medicinal purposes, then your doctor can suggest a better option about what you should do about the dosage or means of consumption. As far as the question of coronavirus is concerned, it is not a death sentence! All you need to do is to stop panicking about the situation and shift your focus to change your lifestyle for good. Start by developing healthy eating habits. Consume food that can help in boosting up your immunity.

Follow the instructions that are being suggested by your government and the World Health Organization and take all the precautionary measures that can help you to stay safe and reduce the chances of being infected. Above all stay home and stay safe!