7 Reasons Why I Smoke Weed? (Opinion)

7 Reasons Why I Smoke Weed? (Opinion)

June 15, 2017

Why I Smoke Weed?

Sed Et Lacus Quis Enim Mattis Nonummy

By Igasho Sparks.

When exploring routine behaviors of which we engage. I find it useful to inspect those behaviors from time to time. See what they’re up to, and whether they are serving us (or are we serving them). We may ask ourselves why we engage in certain behaviors, what we’re getting out of the relationship and whether there is an exchange, a penalty, or just pure bliss with no downside. Scrutinizing specific behaviors and making evaluations on benefit against cost in money, time, effort, stress, or risk to our health. If it’s a substance that we’re speaking of, is there a risk of dependence? Are we using it to enhance or escape our realities? What’s the physical as well as mental toll? 


Igasho here, this is my numero uno blog post for Monroe Blvd. When asked to write an article for a pro Marijuana blog site for the ‘refined’ marijuana enthusiast, one may gravitate to the usual and pressing topics - such as:

  • Legalization
  • Comparisons to other Intoxicants
  • Grow techniques
  • Cooking recipes
  • Strains

Before I go further allow me to set the record straight on my position on the first two of my list. YES, when we compare smoking weed to lesser scheduled inebriates such as Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, prescription pain meds, SSRIs, benzodiaphonemes, and other various substances that effect our moods, behaviors, energies, and the larger category of ‘mood’ or ‘body’ altering substances. I could fill a page with statistics relative to how many more people die, are harmed, or harm others from alcohol and tobacco alone per year relative to the overall health costs to society, and how most people are in bubbles of denial regarding their own use of state sanctioned DRUGS which they imbibe on a daily basis to help them: sleep, wake, fuck, focus or relax. I could spend pages on how our evil corporate overlords would like nothing better than for us to remain conforming and passive consumers, enthusiastically spending money on products which keep us numb, productive, entertained and distracted instead of paying attention to the ass fucking that the human population and mother earth is getting on a daily basis from those same corporate overlords.

This isn’t one of those the articles, (not that there is anything wrong with them). This article is an honest reflection on “Why I Smoke Weed”, and a reflection on “Do I smoke too much”.

Let’s get the latter out of the way. I Smoke Weed too much, and I should cut down.

Moving on to “Why I Smoke Weed”. Childhoods are subjective, as are most things in life that us humans experience. And my subjective viewpoint is that my childhood was super stressful. My home life and family was a akin to a funhouse of dysfunction, only to outdone by the spirit destroying attendance of a public school, only outdone yet again by the soul sucking experience doing 20 years of a corporate sentence. If the amount of stress and negativity that I’ve absorbed over my short life-span was a tangible energy resource, I could power a small city for at least a couple of months. But there is a silver lining and life changes have been made. I’ve left my corporate prison, it turns out that the cell door was unlocked the whole time.

 Back on Topic. Why do I Smoke Weed? Let me break it down.

  1. It relaxes me
  2. It changes my perspective
  3. It opens up my channels of creativity
  4. It makes me question my status quo as well as ‘The Status Quo”
  5. It provides a deep level of introspection (also known as paranoia)
  6. I meditate like a champ on it
  7. I come up with the most interesting rants after imbibing. (interesting to me at least)

Essentially it takes me out the “left brained”, logical, task oriented, problem solving, conflict oriented, controlling or perhaps better known as the ego based mind set. A mindset that has been over developed through years of flight or fight responses that lack physical action and thus get bottled up and stored like putrid spoiled wine. You know, the nervous twitch of a waking state of consciousness that most people walk around and spend most their lives in. Marijuana has been a gateway drug for me, a gateway out of the insanity I called a life and a pathway to a different way of thinking, behaving, and ultimately living. While at times it can absolutely be a crutch, as in “I should be able to do all those wonderful things sans substances”, I’m am no longer taking the ‘do it alone’ route. I am putting every arrow in my quiver that is natural and light, that shows me the path and directs my activities in a positive, mindful, meaningful and loving trajectory. With discretion I am making my own judgments on what works and does not work for me. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not in denial over the collateral damage absorbed by the body and the dependence of using a crutch has on the mind, but one must examine the cost/benefit of being a frequent Marijuana enthusiast. There is a cosmic rule of which we all must abide; that you never get anything for free, what goes up, must come down. Action/reaction, however you want to slice it a boost in consciousnesses, instant relaxation through the imbibing of a substance, there is a price that will be paid one way or another. Having knowledge of this and adding wholesome foods and activities to the equation, marijuana has been a net win for me. yes, there has been regretful evenings of over-indulgences of Ben and Jerry’s, or binge watching too much Netflix. With all factors considered, and outwardly admitting that could do with less. Pot has been a miraculous (is that too strong a descriptor? Nah!) medicine which has been a life enhancer for myself and countless others. 

(To some it all up… pot rules!)

On a different, but kinda similar, note..