7 “Facts” About Marijuana That Are Actually False

October 06, 2021

Not many drugs face as much misinformation and false stigma as Marijuana. Also referred to as Cannabis, it can be found in various forms and “strains."

Additionally, commonly called Weed, Marijuana is the most used illicit drug in the United States of America. Although recreational use of the drug has been legalized in about 18 states, its bad reputation and mislabeling far exceeds its actual actions.

There are tons of myths and confusion that have appeared due to this mislabeling. It might come as a shock to some people but smoking weed doesn’t instantly make you a devil worshipper or a vicious criminal.

So let’s bust open the lid and take a crack at clearing up some of the misunderstandings to better our judgment on the renowned drug: 

1. Smoking Weed Has No Medical Advantages/Benefits

Surprisingly, it’s quite the contrary. Many types of marijuana are used for the pain management and healing of an absurd amount of diseases.

The cannabinoids in marijuana have the ability to reduce or alter the pain perception pathways in the brain. This can be used to remedy conditions that cause chronic pain, such as:

  • Migraine
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Nerve damage (neuropathy)

And it doesn’t stop there. Along with the relief of chronic pain, it can even regulate and prevent diabetes. According to recent studies, it even has a link to fighting cancer. For a safe and safe marijuana dispensary, click here https://cheapweed.io/.

2. Marijuana Ruins Sleep And Makes You Restless

There are certainly plenty of strains of weed that make you sleepy, such as Indica which induces relaxation and sleep that can help with treating insomnia.

The calming effects of marijuana may help relieve sleep disorders. Better improvement in sleep can also occur as a result of the reduced pain from marijuana smoking.

There are those types like Sativa strains that encourage vitality and energize the user. Several great recreational weeds you can smoke to get rid of drowsiness:

  • Zamaldelica
  • Lemon Bean
  • Green Avenger

3. Smoking Marijuana Is Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes

There is a reasonable amount of evidence out there that suggests that marijuana smoke does not cause any damage to the lungs unless tobacco is included.

Some studies even go so far as proposing that, unlike cigarettes, smoking pot can actually increase a person’s lung capacity.

Even so, it’s possible that the increase in lung capacity may be due to inhaling deeply when smoking weed rather than any chemicals present in the drug.

4. Marijuana Keeps You On-Edge And Induces Anxiety”

Granted that cannabis is known to cause anxiety in smokers, but it’s because of a reason. The reason being that uncontrolled and unmonitored doses of weed, as like any drug, can cause this problem.

As it happens, taking it in small portions can even alleviate anxiety and other stress-related issues. As a matter of fact, the endocannabinoid composites in weed can also ease depression by stabilizing mood swings.

Cannabis is in fact easily the most relaxing out of the other strains. It also contains a cannabinoid that provides anti-stress and anxiety alleviating impact in the body.

Marijuana is even approved in some states for victims of war and suffering to treat PTSD. Naturally occurring elements in weed, like cannabinoids, can regulate the nervous system in our bodies to relieve fear and anxiety.

5. It Compels You To Drink More Alcohol

It has been proven multiple times that marijuana is safer than alcohol. Although neither of them is completely harmless, weed is not as addictive as alcohol and certainly doesn’t cause as much muscle fatigue and internal physical damage.

Research shows that alcohol and prescription or illegal drug addicts often use marijuana as a less harmful substitute. The most prevalent reason that people often make this change is the less risky side effects that arise from smoking weed. 

6. It Mitigates Health and Body Conditions

Marijuana has proved to be helpful to reduce and decrease usual health concerns like migraines, headaches, skin problems, acne breakouts, and even psychological issues like speech impediments.

Cannabis isn’t just for smoking anymore, there have been numerous advancements with skin creams. These creams can relieve certain pains, aches, and skin conditions.

And as mentioned before, Depending on where the problem lies, for people suffering from stuttering and voice disorders, cannabis can be a very effective treatment due to its relaxing nature.

7. Marijuana Smoke Adds To Pollution

Experts have said that cannabis may have the ability to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) discharges in the atmosphere, which can battle the climate crisis and slowly reverse the effects of climate change on Earth. 

As cannabis continues to be legalized throughout the world in different nations, we will see a rise in the market in the foreseeable future. This may have an all-encompassing positive effect on our environment.