Cannabis Strains to Buy From a Recreational Dispensary to Uplift Your Mood

February 21, 2022

Cannabis is everywhere these days. More and more people are now visiting a recreational cannabis dispensary to buy cannabis for recreational purposes legally.

There are a lot of people who consume cannabis to get relief from stress and worries in their daily lives. Studies have shown that cannabis is effective in providing relief from stress, anxiety, and depression.

It can be used to uplift your mood and make you feel happy and joyful in just a few minutes. In addition to this, anxiety and stress are two very common mental health issues that people suffer from.

Not to mention, these two issues can take a huge toll on your mood and the overall quality of your life. So, it becomes even more important for people to get relief from them and feel cheerful.

Fortunately, consuming cannabis is a great way to get some relief from your stress. You just have to find the right strain that can uplift your mood. 

So, here are some of the best cannabis strains that you can buy from a recreational cannabis dispensary to uplift your mood. 

Strain 1. Green Crack

The first strain that we are mentioning on our list is Green Crack. Well, there is a fun story behind the name of this strain. This name was given to this strain by one and only D-O-double-G, Snoop Dogg. The reason why he came up with this name was because of the uplifting high this strain offers. Green Crack is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain and is a cross between Sweet Lead Indica and Skunk #1. 

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This amazing strain comes with moderate to high levels of THC (between 13 and 21 percent). However, CBD levels of this strain are very low, making it a potent strain. If you are in need of a boost of energy, Green Crack can help you out. In addition to this, the cerebral high offered by this strain can quickly help you uplift your mood.

You can even consume this strain to stay focused throughout the day.

Strain 2. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is an award-winning strain that is perfect for uplifting your mood. Just look at the name; it explains everything. It is a Sativa dominant cannabis hybrid strain and is a cross between Jamaican and Thai landrace Sativa. Both these strains have high levels of THC, so you can expect Laughing Buddha to have high levels of THC as well. 

It comes with about 19 to 20 percent of THC and about 0.4 percent of CBD levels. That means you will experience a powerful high after consuming this strain. It can surely put you in a mood of giggles in no time. 

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You can feel energized after consuming this strain while it uplifts your mood. That means you can easily finish off all your important work while feeling great after consuming this strain. These effects of Laughing Buddha make it a perfect strain for parties. 

Strain 3. Serious Happiness

The last cannabis strain we are mentioning on this list is Serious Happiness. Yes, that is the real name of this strain. It is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross between Warlock and AK-47.

Serious Happiness comes with high levels of THC (about 18 percent) and low levels of CBD (about 1 percent). This wonderful strain is named after its breeder, Serious Seeds.

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If you want to experience the greatest feeling of joy, Serious Happiness is the strain for you. You may even act like you are just a kid on a sugar rush. Also, the high of this strain is fast-acting and offers a feeling of euphoria.

You can even buy this strain from a medical dispensary for chronic pain, insomnia, depression, stress, or even muscle spasms. So, here you go; the above-mentioned strains are some of the best ones to consume for uplifting effects. You can easily buy these strains from a recreational cannabis dispensary.