Types of Workplace Drug Tests and How to Pass Them

December 21, 2021

The workplace drug tests are performed to identify users of illegal drugs and then refer them appropriately to the right department. Additionally, drug testing at the workplace is mandatory because the company needs to comply with federal and state laws and regulations. So, what are the drug tests, and how does the entire process work? 

Before performing any drug test, consent needs to be taken from the employees. This needs to be done a few days prior for the new applicants to get results faster. Once a specimen is taken and sent to the lab, a positive or negative test will show whether the candidate has any drug toxins in the body. Here are the types of workplace drug tests that every employee should know.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

The hair follicle test can detect the drugs in different panels and provide information about the presence of drugs in the body. This hair drug test article will provide additional tips and tricks on how to get clean on the day of the drug testing.

How to Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test

One of the easiest ways to pass the hair drug follicle test is by using a detox shampoo that will neutralize the toxins in the hair and help you get a negative result. The only thing to remember here is to use the shampoo on the day or 3-10 days before the test.

Urine Drug Test

The urine drug test is another drug screening method that can show if a person is consuming drugs. The test is easy to administer and it’s pretty accurate.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

The general rule to pass the urine drug test is to increase the fluid intake a few days before the test so the concentration is diluted and the toxins are eliminated faster. The intake of green tea is also a popular method of passing the test since it provides extra electrolytes and is a great diuretic. There is also synthetic urine available that you can purchase and give as a sample for testing instead of real urine. 

Blood Test

The blood test is not as reliable as the urine test, but it is still active in practice as it can determine the levels of drugs and alcohol in the bloodstream. The window detection is pretty short, but it’s mostly used when intoxication is present.

How to Pass a Blood Test

One of the most common ways to pass a blood drug test is abstinence for a few days of smoking and consuming drugs before the screening. If this doesn’t work for you, there are other techniques; eating only healthy foods high in fiber, drinking a lot of water and fresh juice, and using detox beverages.

Saliva & Sweat Test

The saliva test is used for recent usage of drugs since it is fast and easy to perform. The sweat and saliva can contain traces of the drug which can be used for monitoring.

How to Pass Saliva & Sweat Drug Test

The sweat and saliva test can be passed with exercising! This is useful if the timeframe when the drug test will be performed is more than a month. The toxins will be eliminated faster from the body. Sauna is another trick to use where you’ll be sweating and eliminating toxins.

When Can You Get Tested 

1. Pre-Employment Tests

After the candidate has applied to a particular job offer, the next step in the process is pre-employment drug screening. The applicant needs to agree for the test to be performed and needs to understand that elimination will take place if the test happens to be positive for drugs. The good thing about the pre-employment tests is that the participants can prepare for them beforehand and abstain from drugs for several days to achieve the desired drug test results and pass the test. 

2. Post-Accident Test

In rare occasions where an accident happens at the workplace, it is crucial to perform a drug test to make sure the employee did not consume any drugs that can lead to fatalities or injuries at the workplace. In the case where the property of the company is damaged by a particular employee, this test can also be done. The employee can pass the test with the use of some of the Jerry G or Macujo methods for the best results.

3. Random Test

Random drug tests are useful if an employer wants to keep their employees drug-free in the long term since no prior announcement is made and the employees need to be clean at all times. The test needs to include people selected randomly, at any time that will participate in the drug screening process. It can be passed with the shampoo detox.

4. Blanket Test

The Blanket test is very similar to the random test because it is not announced to the employees and they can’t prepare beforehand for the screening. The difference in this type of test is the selection of the candidates that will participate in it; instead of selecting random candidates for the test, all of the employees will do it and it can also be passed with the shampoo detox trick.

5. Return To Duty Test

This test is done after an employee has taken a long leave from work, as an extended absence, some medical treatment that required longer periods of time for the employee to be absent from work, in rehabilitation, or in the case where the employee has tested positive previously for a drug test. The employee can come prepared and abstinent from any drug use.