Vaping Vs Smoking Pot: What's the Difference?

September 08, 2021

For the past decade or so, vaping e-liquid containing nicotine has grown in popularity. Instead of smoking traditional cigarettes, smokers are making the switch to these modern vaping devices. Although experts won’t know the long term effects of vaping nicotine for another few years, many feel like it is a much safer alternative to cigarettes. 

But e-liquid with nicotine isn’t the only substance people are vaping. Many of those who use cannabis for recreational use or medicinal purposes invest in a vaporizer that allows them to vape cannabis. There is a wide range of marijuana vaping products readily available on the web, traditional vape stores, and marijuana dispensaries. The legal marijuana industry is booming at the moment, so it seems like there are new cannabis vaping products entering the market almost every single day. So, why are so many people vaping weed instead of smoking joints

Vaping Can Help You Save Money On Weed

There are so many vape pens and other devices out there designed to vape cannabis, you should have no problems finding one that fits in with your budget. Although you can spend a small fortune on a top quality vaporizer, there are others that will cost you very little. 

By smoking weed in a joint, you might find yourself wasting a lot of cannabis. Smoking weed on a regular basis can prove to be a very expensive habit, so you will want to make the most out of your stash. A recent study showed that those who smoke pot only get twenty five percent of the available THC into their body. The majority of the compounds in marijuana smoke are non-cannabinoids. The same study suggests that vaping cannabis can give you more than forty five percent of the available THC in your pot into your body. 

This means vaporizers allow you to use less cannabis, and still experience the same high. For more information about weed for sale online, check out Canna Cabana.

First, it Tastes Better

A lot of cannabis enthusiasts love the smell of weed. Potent buds like Pedro's Sweet Sativa not only look incredible, but it smells great too. Although high quality buds look and smell good, it's hard to enjoy the taste of weed if you smoke it in a joint. 

Although most vaporizers manage to control the odor of the weed while you are vaping it, vaping can help you taste the pot too. A lot of people who consume marijuana like the taste of it, and vaping weed helps enhance the overall flavor. Vaping pot often gives you a more pronounced flavor than a joint would do. It allows you to taste each terpene and the different cannabinoid profiles of the different buds. 

You are in Control

The majority of cannabis vaporizers allow you to adjust the heat of the device. Users can control the temperature of their vaporizers throughout their session. It might take a little while to get used to, and you might have to adjust the heat depending on the strain you are vaping, but it can make a big difference. 

If you want to use marijuana discreetly, you should consider investing in a vaporizer. Unlike smoking a joint, vaporizers can control the odor. Although it does give off an odor while you are vaping, it doesn’t produce as much as a joint does. If your vape allows you to control the heat temperature, and you want to vape discreetly, turn the temperature down. Because you don’t need to use rolling papers, a vaporizer doesn’t give off any smoke, just vape. This will help you get high without gaining attention. 

Disadvantages to Vaping Pot

Unfortunately, there are a few negatives when it comes to vaping cannabis such as:

  • You need to keep it charged: In modern society it seems like we are constantly charging devices. Our phones, smartwatches, laptops, the list goes on. If you invest in a vape pen, you will need to charge it regularly. If the battery runs low during a vaping session, you might have to cut the session short. Bringing a charger or spare batteries everywhere you go can cause frustration. 

  • You might need a grinder: To get the most out of a vaporizer, you should make sure that you grind the flower properly. You can do it with your fingers, but the chances of you grinding fine weed by hand is unlikely. 

  • It can take time to get used to: Understanding what heat setting you should use, cleaning the device on a regular basis, changing coils, etc. can cause confusion (especially when you are stoned). You will have to learn everything about your vaporizer before you are able to master the device. 

  • Vaping products can cost a pretty penny: Although there are inexpensive vape pens, if you want a quilty vaporizer that will last a long time, you might have to spend more than you were hoping. Although you will be able to save money on weed, you will have to spend approximately $100 on a new vape pen.

Before you buy a brand new vaporizer, you should research the different brands and models available. There are vaping and cannabis enthusiasts uploading information about the different products available to streaming services and websites.