280g of cannabis, the dark net gone wrong

Summary and opinion by Daniel Davison.

I watched a video the other day about hackers and the dark web. I find it very interesting how all of this can be going on not be shut down. I then came across a story that shows a man failing at the dark web. Personally I would prefer to be caught buying of the streets than the possibility of importing from overseas.

A man from Scotland thought he was in for right treat when he bought which he thought was legal weed from Quebec. Airport sniffer dogs detected the case that was carrying the 280 g of cannabis and then the police later arrived at his house to ask a few questions. He was a first time offender but the sheriff said she is not satisfied that there is an alternative to custody. Steven Kennedy was sent to jail for 140 days as he admitted the cannabis he bought he was going to sell to a friend.

Even if we are daring enough to use the black web just be careful because you never know what you are going to get. At least when you are buying of the streets you can see what you are going to buy before you buy it. Cannabis can be used to maintain a healthy lifestyle but only when you know you are ONLY smoking cannabis.

With cannabis being illegal for most of the world it is only natural for people to settle. Look back to the 1920's in the us. I'm sure people would of drank drain water if they thought it would get them drunk and it's the same in this situation. 

I do think that we should be able to import and export cannabis from country to country but I think it should be taxed,regulate and quality checked between borders so patients and the community only receive the best herb.

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