New Bill Coming Out That Would Require Schools to Allow Children to Take Their Cannabis Meds on Campus

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson

Many children have found relief from the high CBD cannabis tinctures that can be given to them throughout the day to alleviate various ailments. However, parents will have to take them away from the campus just to give the children their cannabis even if they have a Nurse Practitioner to administer them.

This is because the school districts are afraid of losing federal funding for having any kind of marijuana present on campus.

A proposal has been put forward that will allow the students some forms of medical cannabis, and if they refuse they risk losing the state funding from medical marijuana taxes.
The measure won’t necessitate school staff to administer the cannabis, but they could be given the option if they would be comfortable or allowed.

Rep. Jonathan Singer of Longmont passed a bill last year that was similar, but no school around the state dropped their zero tolerance policies for cannabis.

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