By Mariama McGee.

Washingtonians are finally taking advantage of the new law, Initiative 71 that allows them to cultivate up to six marijuana plants and have no more than three mature at one time in their home. The only issue is that not everyone’s home is a house that they own. When it comes to people renting and living in an apartment, finding out if you can grow will be a challenge. 

Initiative 71 does not prohibit landlords from preventing their tenants from growing or even possessing marijuana. But many landlords probably do not have anything about marijuana in their leases since it recently became legal. Yet the landlord could use the fact that marijuana was illegal when they signed the lease as a tactic. While most apartments and landlord do put a ban on smoking, some do not specify it is just tobacco or all types of smoke.

 Leader of the DC Cannabis Campaign DCMJ, Adam Eidinger suggested that  maybe renters could offer to pay a small amount more to grow marijuana but he doesn’t not want it to become a standard that marijuana users have to deal with. 

Even though this sounds like a lot of trouble, it does not sound as bad as if you lived in a federal subsidized housing where the use of marijuana is still banned. Since you are living in a house owned by the federal government, even if your landlord does not evict you for smoking weed, they are putting themselves in danger with the government. 


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