New Meaning For HoneyPot

Marijuana edibles are nothing new. Many a joke on tv or in film has involved the pot brownie, and dispensaries in states with legal marijuana sales, whether medicinal or recreational have shelves full of the stuff. According to a man in France however, one more item is one the list.

CannaHoney was developed by a man named Nicolas Trainer, who goes by Trainerbees. Since 2006 he has been studying ways to get bees to produce honey straight from the marijuana plant. In 2013, his quest finally paid off.

The 39 year old realized after his success that the active ingredients THC (Tetrahydracannabinol ) THC and CBD (Cannabidiol) were unaffected by the process. As a bonus, they even include differing flavors dependent on the flowers the pollen was gathered from. Trainer says that the bees harvest the resin, bring it back to the hive, and then process it as they normally would.

Though there are skeptics who believe that what he’s claiming is impossible, there are scientists who compare the process to other plants, “Honey produced from bees foraging on rhododendrons in the far east is known locally as 'mad honey' as it is toxic to humans," explains Darryl Cox, of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust Fund.

Nicolas plans to move to Spain with his wife to continue their research and production as the laws and regulations are more relaxed.

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