Lib Dems Gone Green

Summary and opinion by Daniel Davison.

This is a story that shows some hope but it annoys the life out of me at the same time. If you know English politics there are 5 main parties; Labour for the working class, Conservatives for the affluent, Ukip want to keep Britain British, Green the peace keepers ‘who I voted for’ and the Lib dems who clearly don't have a fucking clue what they are for.

This week the Lib Dems have come out in favour of legalising cannabis to over 18s. The LD say that they think cannabis should be sold on a regulated market were all cannabis is quality checked so all users know what they are getting high on and they believe that it can roll in £1 billion in just the first year of tax alone.

Norman Lamb who I have been a fan of fo a while because of views on the war on drugs says that he believes the police are wasting too much time prosecuting cannabis users instead of the people organizing that crime behind it all. He said leaving the sale of cannabis to criminals puts people heaths at risk.

Though I do not believe in voting for a party for the sake of 1 policy but I do believe the cannabis community would of been more represented in parliament if the LD had come out before the 2015 election.

One thing I can say about most of the English police is they use common scenes in these situations and are 99% never violent. I'm sure it's the same all over you get the good ones and the bad ones but I am yet to come across a bad.

Whatever happens news like this gets me excited because it shows change. Every thing that cannabis activists have worked for all slowly coming into place. They always says history repeats itself. Fancy a pint?

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