Custom Vaping – There’s An App For That

Summary and opinion by John Fouts. 

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Vaping goes high tech!  The Firefly 2 vaporizer comes with an app that integrates with the vaporizer to help people customize their experiences.  In addition to giving users control, the app allows the functionality of the vaporizer to be monitored.  This is the first time an app has been created to work specifically with one brand and model of vaporizer, so the Firefly 2 is unique in the world of vaporizers.  The app works on multiple platforms including Android and iPhones. Once the app is downloaded and synced, heat levels can be customized, battery life viewed, and the vaporizer can be switched from right handed to left handed. These functions are only available when the vaporizer is paired with the app.

There are six heat settings including one for concentrates. The highest setting is used for concentrates while the lower settings are used for lower quality flowers.  Concentrate pads are also available to place in the chamber to help reduce oil waste.  Two batteries come with the vaporizer and each one lasts for 40 to 80 hits. A USB docking station is included as well which charges the unit rapidly. 

The Firefly 2 rated high in durability, reliability, and dependability. The unit comes with a 5 year warranty. Customers were so happy with the initial run of the product that it already sold out, and is on back order until May 2016. The retail cost is $329.95 for the Firefly 2.  Interested?  Check out the website here:

My Opinion:  Developers have a real opportunity in the cannabis industry right now along with many other professionals with other areas of expertise.  A blossoming market with such huge potential and opportunity is rarely seen in the United States. The Firefly 2 and related app is a great example of a company taking advantage of the gap in the market.  Where there is an unmet need in the market, products that fill the need will always do well.  The Firefly 2 is clearly a product highly desired by customers. I think we will see more high tech development surrounding cannabis and complementary goods and services. I also think the technology segment of the cannabis industry will explode over the course of the next few years.  Does anyone own a Firefly 2? What are your thoughts on the product?

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