Marijuana By the Billions

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

Marijuana Business Daily projects the US cannabis industry to inject a whopping $44 billion dollars into the economy within the next 4 years!  According to Yahoo Finance, it is important to keep in perspective that this number includes money generated for the economy by things such as tourism dollars spent related to the industry and not on cannabis alone.  The entire economic impact is expected to be $44 billion dollars.  The industry has already grown to be a very important overall part of the United States economy, and the projected revenue outlined by the report shows how significant of a contributor the industry is expected to become in the very near future.  Money is not the only green thing of value in the United States.  It is not clear if hemp sales were included in the data used by Marijuana Business Daily to capture the numbers presented.

Summarized By:  John Fouts 2016-03-15

My Opinion:  I think we will see the numbers surpass the expected $44 billion not only because I feel more states will get on board with seeing actual tax revenue collected and tourism dollars brought into the local economies where marijuana types of businesses and related businesses exist, but because more I think by the year 2020 we will see some kind of decriminalization or actualization federally that the business could be so much more if federal restrictions were lifted.

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