Who makes the money of cannabis? GW pharmaceuticals.

Summary and opinion by Daniel Davison.

I am sure we would have all heard of the U.K. Based company GW pharmaceuticals. GWP for years have been allowed to lead a monopoly by owning rights to one of the only cannabis based drugs on the UK market. This drug is called Sativex, to qualify for this drug you have to be diagnosed with ms and already been prescribed multiple medication that then has to fail. Any doctor that prescribes the drug dose it at there own risk. Share prices of GWP have been in decline over the last year. Until they realise a new drug this month called Epidiolex, this cannabis based drug is being tested on 120 people with Dravet syndrome. This type of epilepsy at the moment does not have a single drug approved by the FDA to treat this illness. GWP shares skyrocketed once there results were realised with a 123% rise to 481.75p.

There is so much right here but also so much wrong. On one hand great new cannabis based drugs are being researched and that's great but why do we have to have money to be one of these people who dabble? Why does a patient not get choice of where there cannabis/cannabis based drug is distributed from?

I think we need people behind cannabis research and I believe no profit should be made on the research and sale of medical cannabis products. I do not believe an ms patient should be denied a natural drug. I do in fact believe cannabis for recreational use should be taxed and I would love to see new entrepreneurs leading the rec cannabis industry  but we should not make the sick pay.

Wouldn't it be great if everybody was offered the opportunity to hold a licence to grow cannabis for research. Think of the possibility once we have multiple organisations extracting cannabinoids finding out all of the little details on how to cure a diseases and promote healthy smoking. 

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