Pennsylvania Likely To Become 24th Medical Marijuana State

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives in PA approved a medical marijuana bill.  The Senate in PA introduced the bill last year in May which passed by a vote of 40-7.  The vote in the house yesterday came out to be 149-43 showing the vast majority of lawmakers approve of the bill.  Minor amendments were made to the original version of the bill which will go back to the Senate for final approval on Monday.

The governor of Pennsylvania asked lawmakers to show their support in favor of the bill which would allow for oils, creams, gels, ointments, and pills, but no actual plant material would be handled by patients.  House Bill 193 will be signed off on by the governor assuming the Senate passes the bill with the minor amendments made by the house.  There are a limited number of qualifying conditions listed in the legislation which is typical in medical marijuana states.

My Opinion:  Wake up United States!  Almost half of the country has chosen to legalize medicinal marijuana.  It is time for the federal government to take action.  The CARERS act is about as close as we have come to getting something done at the federal level, but even that bill has about a 1% chance of passage.  It is time for change in this country.  Pennsylvania has been enlightened regarding the benefits of cannabis for medicinal use.  I applaud Pennsylvania’s lawmakers and citizens for making this change occur.  Patients need to have access to safe and effective medicine.

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