More Accurate Cannabinoid Measuring Method Developed for Edibles

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

In states where edibles are available for the public to consume in terms of either legal recreational or medicinal marijuana, a labeling issue has been causing some headaches.  Many edibles do not have accurate information listed on the label in terms of THC content.  Edible companies have stated they have concerns because when they send the products off to be tested, often varying results are obtained by different labs doing the testing.  Because of this, a new testing method has been developed.

Commonly edibles have been tested with high performance liquid chromatography, but the machines that do this test were not developed with edible marijuana products in mind as the input.  A special process has been developed where edibles are ground up with dry ice or liquid Nitrogen, then diatomaceous earth is added.  Using flash chromatography then allows certain products to be pulled out.  After that, the high performance liquid chromatography can then be used to derive accurate results.

My Opinion:  More consistent dosing in terms of edibles is a good thing for individuals consuming the edibles, for dispensaries selling the edibles, and for companies producing the edibles.  Basically I think the industry as a whole will benefit from obtaining more consistent results in terms of testing for food cannabinoid content.  I always have concerns, however, in terms of this technology being used to infringe on privacy of citizens because of the federal/state legality conflict regarding cannabis. 

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