A stoner’s buzzkill

Summary and opinion by Mariama McGee.

A couple of researchers found a naturally occurring hormone that counteract the effects of marijuana. The hormone is called pregnenolone. The researchers in Agence France-Presse reported that they examined lab rats and at first thought the hormone to be “the inactive precursor of all steroid hormones” but then found out that it disaffected a majority of the known behavioral and somatic effects of THC.

The lab rats were apparently very high says Pier Vincenzo Piazza of the French Institute of Health and Medical Research. They were given 3 to 10 times the amount of pot than a normal Coloradan. Once the researchers discovered this, they started testing on human cell lines and found the results to be successful. Their next step will be to have a full clinical trial. They say that their purpose is to combat marijuana addiction. It may allow researchers to isolate the medicinal properties of cannabis while blocking its behavioral and somatic effects.

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